The Porn Addict's Wife
Jolene Winn
This podcast is for LDS women with a spouse addicted to pornography. I am Jolene Winn and I am an active member of the LDS faith, a certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School, and the wife of a wonderful man who was once addicted to pornography. I am now on a mission to go find other women who are in the same situation. Women who are struggling to address emotions and thoughts they've never had to face. Women who want to understand their situation, who want to love their husband like they used to, who want to be free from living a life that revolves around their husband's addiction. This is all for you. Join me as I share tools and thoughts that you can apply to help you move forward in your life and begin to truly live again.
The Porn Addict's Wife
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The Porn Addict's Wife
The Porn Addict's Wife
Sex Afflictions & Porn Addictions
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