The Diarist ~ Fiction Podcast
Donna Barrow-Green
Get immersed in the 1950s world of Madison Avenue advertising and the bizarre and often frightening inner worlds of the characters within. The Diarist is an audio drama podcast by Donna Barrow-Green. Set in 1950s NYC. Andrea Davies --a young secretary-- is a fish surrounded by sharks. Follow her story -an escalating psychological drama. ”Highly Bingeable" "Addictive" The trailer for the new audio drama by Donna Barrow-Green. Things are not always as they seem in this neo-noir thriller. The Diarist explores the darker side of the human psyche and the terrifying consequences of indulging in base desires.The story unfolds in 24 serialized episodes. Available on iTunes or wherever you binge.
The Diarist ~ Fiction Podcast
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The Diarist ~ Fiction Podcast
The Diarist ~ Fiction Podcast
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