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Have you ever questioned why it is some people seem to have everything they could wish for: health, wealth, love and happiness, but others never seem to lack all these things? Why is it a small minority manage to achieve greatness, but the vast majority fail to reach beyond mediocrity? What are this small minority doing differently to everyone else? It can’t just be down to circumstance, billionaires rise out of poverty. Those questions have been in my head my whole life and a couple of years ago I decided to stop wondering and start searching for the answers so that I could help more people achieve greatness in their own lives. Join me and follow along as I uncover the secrets of the minority that the majority aren’t taught so that you can apply them to your own life, to achieve your own greatness and live the life you want and deserve. My name is David Bell, and welcome to Pocket Mastermind
Pocket Mastermind
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