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Keith Weston
Season Two of American Songster Radio is coming. New episodes are set for release on Friday October 26, 2018. This time The American Songster, Dom Flemons, takes us on a musical journey exploring the tunes, trails and tales of Black Cowboys. Dom illuminates an oft-hidden Wild West history through songs and poems, casting new light on a part of American identity that is often overlooked in the telling of American history. This series accompanies Dom’s latest album for Smithsonian Folkways Recordings called Dom Flemons presents Black Cowboys . The six-part series will be available on iTunes , Stitcher , Google Podcasts , and other podcast platforms, including NPR . Note: Scroll down to see a list of episodes. Subscribe with iTunes , Google Play Podcasts , or other podcatcher American Songster Radio is a monthly look at the roots of American Popular music. It’s hosted by world renowned musician and folklorist Dom Flemons who playfully refers to himself as The American Songster. Dom was a
American Songster Radio Podcast
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American Songster Radio Podcast
American Songster Radio Podcast
American Songster Radio
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