A Deep Dive Into Rental Demand Across Canada
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"What blew me away was really how much demand there was for these smaller markets. Even when you take Covid, work-from-home, and everything out of the picture, how much more per property demand there is in some of these small communities." — Matt D'Avirro

Data isn't very useful if it's not accessible or effective at communicating a message. It's just a bunch of numbers after all. That's why Matt D'Avirro, Marketing Operations Manager at Rentsync, is instrumental in using data and automation to make sales and marketing easier, and help influence future business decisions. That's why it's no surprise that Matt also conceptualized Rentsync's National Rental Demand Report, which maps demand throughout the country. In this episode, Matt walks us through the impetus for this report and offers insights into how developers and marketers can best use it. We dive into some of the trends that have occurred over the last year, like COVID, work from home, and a boom in smaller markets. Matt talks about the implications of these trends and why they should be looked at from a long-term perspective. Wrapping up, we talk about what property developers should be focussing on, and Matt speculates what the next few months have in store.

Tune in today to hear it all!

Key points from this episode:

  • Get to know today's guest, Matt D'Avirro, and what his role entails
  • The origin story of the National Rental Demand Report
  • Differentiating between leading and lagging indicators
  • Some of the ways that Rentsync's data is unique
  • Unpacking the major trends of the past year, including Covid, increased demand, and more
  • What is driving demand in high-growth areas in Canada
  • A trend that has been the most surprising to Matt
  • The importance of looking at alternative rental strategies
  • Where developers should be placing their focus right now
  • How marketers can make the most out of this report
  • What would surprise Matt the most in the upcoming months

Links mentioned in today's episode:

Matt D'Avirro on LinkedIn Rentsync National Rental Demand Report podcast@rentsync.com

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