The Future of Purpose-Built Luxury Rentals
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“For us at Fitzrovia, the marketing piece is not a bolt-on component. It carries the same weight as the building’s architecture and interior design.” — Ryan Funt

It’s not often that one can boast having an apartment block that is 100% leased and 100% occupied, but through an incredible marketing campaign (which won them a large number of awards!), Ryan Funt and his team at Fitzrovia have achieved that at The Waverley. In today’s episode, Ryan joins Nicolina for a discussion around marketing strategy for purpose-built rentals, and how, when done right, can turn rental prospects into brand loyalists (another uncommon achievement in the real estate industry). Ryan explains why your marketing roadmap should be created before any physical work on the building has started, and he shares examples of what it means to build a coherent brand image throughout a development. Ryan also shares his thoughts on how developers should be thinking about amenities, shifts that he has seen in the Toronto market in terms of desired unit size, why speed of response from rental agents is so important, and more! Tune in today to hear it all. 

Key points from this episode:

  • The Waverley lease up that Ryan and his team at Fitzrovia recently completed, and the awards they won as a result
  • Why every lease up should have its own unique plan
  • When marketing plans for a lease up should be developed, and the questions you should be asking to guide the direction of your plan
  • Fitzrovia’s approach to integrating brand identity into buildings and their surrounding environment
  • The wide range of amenities that can be provided to enhance your offer and increase resident retention
  • A major shift that has taken place in the Toronto rental marketplace
  • Expectations that renters have of rental agents
  • Ryan shares his thoughts on the use of chatbots in the multifamily space
  • Different types of marketing channels, and examples of how different circumstances should impact which ones are prioritized
  • Seemingly small marketing tactics that can make a big difference to your brand

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