ChatGPT,, Rent Control, and More with Max Steinman
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This episode of the Sync or Swim Podcast is incredibly exciting as we are joined by Rentsync’s  CEO, Max Steinman, for the very first in-person episode! Tuning in, you will hear all about the  amazing changes that have happened at Rentsync over the last year, namely the integration of  ChatGPT, before we delve into how AI impacts the housing industry as a whole. We discuss  how has evolved, its new network, Rentsync’s tours module, and so much more!  Next, Max shares his wisdom about the supply issue in the housing industry, what’s causing it,  how to get rid of it, and why rent control is a huge issue. Financialization, according to Max, is  just another word for capitalism, and in this episode, he tells us why we shouldn’t demonize it  and why rent evictions are a problem. Finally, we end on a positive note as we discuss how  commercial space is being transformed. Thanks for listening in! 

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Introducing today’s guest, Rentsync’s very own CEO, Max Steinman.  
  • Max takes us through some of the exciting changes that have happened at Rentsync. 
  • How we have integrated with ChatGPT and how it makes life easier for property managers. 
  • Max shares his thoughts on AI and how he sees it impacting the rental housing industry. 
  • The evolution of over the past year.  
  • Our guest tells us about the network and his excitement about that initiative. 
  • Rentsync’s new tours module and all about the tours webinar.  
  • Why Max thinks we’re facing a supply issue in the housing market and how to get out of it. 
  • The challenges with rent control and how, historically, it always has a negative outcome. 
  • Why Max believes that financialization is just a synonym for capitalism and his thoughts on it. 
  • Rent evictions and how a wedge is driven between the tenant and landlord’s best interests. 
  • The positive transformation of commercial space is happening in the market now. 

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: 

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