Bridging the Gap Between Newcomers and Rental Housing Providers
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“We are having unprecedented demand that is met by very little vacancy.” — Jesse Greenwell 

Welcome back to another episode of the Sync or Swim Podcast. Today we are joined by David Frattini from Rentals For Newcomers and Jesse Greenwell, the Head of Communications, Partnerships, Culture, and Inclusion at Mainstreet Equity. Tuning in, you’ll hear all about why there is a high increase in the demand for student rentals in Canada, how Mainstreet Equity has accommodated this demand, how they avoid unreliable tenants, and how they are promoting themselves as all-inclusive in order to attract student renters. We also discuss how Rentals For Newcomers are avoiding scammers online, how to seek student accommodation later in the year, how to be the best possible prospect for a landlord, the importance of rental insurance, how Covid has changed renting in Canada, and the financial benefit of seeking housing outside of your gateway city. Jesse and David also share some advice for international students looking to rent in Canada. You won’t want to miss out on this discussion! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guests, David Frattini and Jesse Greenwell
  • Why there is an increase in demand for student rentals in Canada
  • Jesse elaborates on how Mainstreet Equity has created additional supply for student housing
  • What kind of occupancy they are seeing in these student buildings 
  • David advises students who are seeking accommodation later in the year
  • How can student renters best secure a rental with landlords
  • The protocols that Mainstreet Equity has put in place to avoid potentially delinquent student renters
  • The marketing that Mainstreet Equity is using to reach and attract student renters
  • The importance of reaching your maximum audience possible with proper branding
  • How Rentals For Newcomers combats scammers on their website
  • David shares his thoughts on rental insurance and the benefits for both renter and landlord
  • How Covid has made the rental industry change
  • David shares some words of advice for international students looking for rentals in Canada
  • The importance of staying up to date on the latest scams as a renter
  • Why David encourages people to look for housing outside of your gateway city
  • Jesse also shares advice for international students looking for accommodation in Canada

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