Overcoming Growing Pains in Property Management with Colin Douthit
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“Technology has definitely allowed us to scale, knowing that we wanted to scale, focusing our efforts on making sure all of our systems could handle that. It would have been a lot harder if every 75 doors, we had to get another person on staff, right? We’re able to stretch staff a little further because of technology.” — @atlaspm

Managing 1000 multifamily properties is no easy feat. You need good people, good systems, and good tools to make it run as smoothly as possible. Atlas Property Management has mastered these components, and with over 1000 doors under their belt, they are not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. Colin Douthit, the company’s owner, joins us today to share insights on what it takes to manage a multifamily portfolio of this size. We hear about the impetus for starting Atlas, how they have managed to scale as quickly as they did, and what they did to overcome their growing pains. Colin also talks about some of the tools that help streamline property management. With more apps and platforms in the industry than ever before, there is no shortage of how property managers can leverage tech to suit their needs. Wrapping up, Colin talks about what’s in the pipeline for Atlas. Tune in to hear it all.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know today’s guest, Colin Douthit
  • The impetus for starting Atlas Property Management and its current management portfolio
  • How Atlas has managed to scale up their doors under management over time
  • What Colin would do differently if he had the opportunity
  • Hear what contributed to Atlas being able to scale as quickly as they did over 12 months
  • Atlas’s staff hiring process and how this has contributed to the company’s evolution
  • Some of the tools in Atlas’s tech stack
  • The biggest changes Colin has seen in property management over the past four years
  • How technology has allowed property management companies to scale
  • What the impact of the pandemic on the Kansas City property market was
  • Some of the metrics that Atlas’s clients typically request 
  • Why institutional investors are increasingly looking for granular data
  • What’s on the horizon for Atlas
  • Five questions in 30 seconds: hear what Colin has to say

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