The Benefits of an AI-Powered Chatbot
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If you’ve been playing around with the idea of making use of a bot in your company but have been worried about the added time and effort it takes to set it up, you may want to check out BetterBot. Today, we’re joined by our guest, Robert Turnbull, the President, COO, and Founder of BetterBot. He’s with us today to discuss the benefits of BetterBot and the world of artificial intelligence. As you tune in, you’ll hear more about Betterbot and the intention behind its creation and also about the primary product philosophy. Robert shares why he doesn’t believe in AI mimicking human conversation and why people don’t like finding out that they weren’t talking to a [real] human. We talk about what sets BetterBot aside from other bots and why free isn’t always free when it comes to the use of bots. If you want to find out how bots, and AI in general, can serve the multifamily industry, then this episode is for you. Be sure not to miss out, so subscribe, and tune in now. 

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • What BetterBot is and what it was created for. 
  • Who Robert Turnbull is and what lead him to found BetterBot. 
  • He takes us through BetterBot’s primary product philosophy. 
  • Why he doesn’t believe in using AI to mimic human conversation. 
  • The reasons why people don’t like finding out they weren’t talking to a [real] human.
  • Why customer satisfaction, or CSAT, scores are important and how they’re influenced.
  • Some differences between BetterBot and other commonly used email bots.
  • Bots: why free isn’t always free and why marketers are moving toward the paid model.
  • Why using BetterBot takes the workload off (and doesn’t add work to the workload!).
  • Robert shares other ways BetterBot, and AI in general, can serve the multifamily industry.
  • Ways ChatGPT can help the multifamily industry and how his company is approaching it.
  • His perspective on some of the “alarmists” and where all of this [AI] is going.
  • Words of advice for those still hesitant about using AI in their leasing strategy.

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