Listing Score: The New KPI for Multifamily Marketing
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"The way that we've structured the actual listing score is that a user is given a strong approximation of how complete their overall listings are, and hopefully receive a kick in the butt once they see that a particular property might be lacking." — David Aizikov

You could have the most amazing property in the world, but if your listing doesn't provide users with the information they need, you could have absolutely no success finding renters. The product team at Rentsync, including Michael Mottola and David Aizikov have developed Listing Score©, to help multifamily marketers and property managers optimize their listings and attract the right tenants. During today's conversation, David and Michael tell us how you can use Listing Score to measure the content quality and completeness of your rental listings. You'll learn about the key areas  properties should be talking about to improve their score, how to use this score as a performance metric in your own reporting, and how Listing Score aims to drive progress and innovation for multifamily marketing. Michael and David also share some advice with listeners that they offer their clients, talk us through Listing Score's role in the Rentsync Platform, and share some of the feedback they have received from those currently using the new feature. Join us today to hear all this and more! 

Key points from this episode:
  • Listing Score, a tool to help people measure the content quality and completeness of their rental listings
  • Why they can't just mandate the inclusion of additional fields
  • Key areas properties should be talking about to improve their listing score
  • Why they recommend that you have at least 10 unit and property level amenities
  • Why you should make sure that all your listings have the same number of completed fields
  • Why you should always include the size of the property in your listing.
  • How they came to realize that a really good number of images for your listing is eight
  • Michael explains how Listing Score works in the Rentsync platform
  • Assurance that Listing Score is not public, nor is it a reflection of the quality of your property
  • How properties can use Listing Score as a KPI for their own reporting
  • Their goal that Listing Score will help people to make better decisions
  • Feedback from clients who have used the feature before
  • David and Michael's plans for the future

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