Infusing Humour into the Leasing Process with Jon Selig, Founder of Comedy Writing for Sales Teams
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“If you really want to start learning how to get funnier, just go watch comedy of all kinds. Whether it’s a Simpsons episode or a late night talk show...try and observe patterns and timing and absorb that over time.” – Jon Selig


What do multifamily rentals and stand up comedy have in common? At first glance, probably not much. But if you think that the rental market couldn't be made more humane with a little humor, you’ve probably never heard of Jon Selig

Jon is the founder and creator of Comedy Writing for Sales Teams. He spends his time training sales teams on the best way to inject humor and lightheartedness into literally any industry, from housing to software to the funeral industry. 

Our conversation on this episode of Sync or Swim centered all around: 

  • What makes something funny or unfunny
  • Steps you can take to help sales teams to get to know their audience better and be more relatable
  • The importance of empathy in sales

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