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Only sweat the big stuff (because the small stuff doesn't matter)
Aug 13, 2019 · 40 min
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We can sweat the small stuff — like Netflix subscriptions or gym memberships or daily lattes. But sweating the big stuff — like housing and car purchases — is most important for your financial health. See how these big-ticket items can affect your finances — and what to do about it. In today’s episode, you'll find out: How buying too much house leads to financial train wrecks Why having too many cars isn’t a good financial decision Why buying a latte every day doesn’t have much of an impact How not budgeting for compounded expenses leads to problems How much to set aside for housing expenses How price-to-rent ratio works Price-to-rent ratios in major U.S. cities How life changes affect whether to rent or buy a house How reducing high-expense items alleviates financial stress Possible ways to reduce big child-care expenses How family support expenses can get out of control Other big-ticket items to examine How to approach big-ticket purchases Full show notes at:

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