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Avoid Fraud and Fake Experts with Jantz Hoffman
Feb 25, 2020 · 1 hr 3 min
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Jantz Hoffman is the founder of the Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®) designation that helps financial advisors incorporate student loan repayment planning in their practice. I invited him on the show to get his thoughts on student loan fraud and all the fake experts out there.

Brief intro to episode

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • What gave Jantz the idea for CSLP
  • Why there’s no value in falsifying student loan documents
  • Reasons Jantz says not to be nervous about PSLF going away
  • Problems Jantz has had with student loan services
  • How applying for PSLF is like going to Olive Garden
  • Why statistics in the media are wrong

Full show notes at:

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