Should You Stay in a Job Because of Loan Forgiveness?
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Changing jobs can lead to more than changes in your income. It could disqualify you from PSLF. But what if you’re in a job that makes you unhappy? Should you stay? In this episode, I answer those questions and more to help you decide if moving to the private sector is worth it.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • What to do if you feel trapped in your public sector job
  • When is staying with a not-for-profit the best choice
  • How to decide if abandoning PSLF is a financially sound decision
  • The value of a 401k match, paid time off, and health insurance in your decision
  • How much more you need to earn to make up for the loss of PSLF
  • Whether you can switch back to the public sector and return to PSLF
  • The difference in value for PSLF between low- and high-income earners
  • Should you stay with a not-for-profit or open up your own private practice
  • The rule of thumb I use to compare the value of PSLF in your career
  • What to do if you’re on the fence about switching from PSLF to taxable forgiveness


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