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Why you should start a business (yes, really)
Oct 15, 2019 · 38 min
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There are many reasons you should start a business. Business owners tend to make more money than associates. A business owner could pay less taxes than an associate, too. Overhead is often 45% to 60% depending on the practice, which means profit would be 40% to 55% instead of 28% to 33% as an associate. I spell out all the benefits of owning a business.

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • Why you should start a business now even if you have student loans
  • What makes the risk of being an entrepreneur lower than you think 
  • Why a dentist probably shouldn’t open a restaurant business
  • Legal write-offs to save 50% or more in taxes
  • Why adding your spouse to your payroll can help the business
  • How self-funded pension plans can fuel your retirement
  • The advantage of a fiduciary financial planner for your business
  • Why private practice is a better choice than PSLF
  • How your business can help your REPAYE subsidy

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