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What dental, medical, veterinary and pharmacy residency programs are worth it?
May 14, 2019 · 40 min
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If you’re heading into a career in dentistry, medicine or pharmacy, is a residency worth it? What are the differences in requirements, and how do those affect your salary and student loan repayment? Here’s what the economic value of a residency could look like for you, and how it varies by profession.


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In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • How residency programs have proliferated
  • What the various programs are — and why some cost you and some don’t
  • How residency for medicine differs from other fields like dentistry and pharmacy
  • Travis’ thoughts on how hospitals could pay for residency programs
  • How pharmacy residencies are a special case
  • How hospitals have adapted to the massive influx of pharmacists
  • The value of residency in veterinary medicine
  • The economic value of residencies as far as what they’re designed for
  • Ultimately, is a residency worth it for doctors? For dentists? Veterinarians? Pharmacists?
  • What the Student Loan Planner investing course is all about


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