TCF351: 5AM Fight - Welcome to the Club
50 min

The journey of building your contracting business to the point of financial success does not have to be a solo one. Tom’s guests today are David Szemcsak, Robert Dailey, Adam Copher, and Marino, 4 contractors with differing experiences who are using the 100K Contractor Program to get their shit together. Each of them has been in the contracting industry for a different amount of time, but they all needed help putting money in their pockets. The 100K Contractor has helped each one of them grow beyond what they believed possible!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • 30,000-foot overview of who David, Robert, Adam, and Marino are
  • What brought each of them to the 100K Program
  • Describing the helping hand that the 100K Program provides to its members
  • The power of surrounding yourself with people that are ahead of you
  • Things that have changed and improved since joining the program
  • Robert made a big shift that not too many people could have seen coming
  • Defining what success means to you
  • Not all contractors have someone in their area to learn from
  • Adding a coach to the hiring process can take off a lot of the pressure
  • There’s always another level in any business or program

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Pure Hustle Podcast
Pure Hustle Podcast
Pure Hustle Podcast
EP 206: Amazon Problems, eBay Wholesale, Updates, and BOLOs
In this episode we discuss some major problems with amazon and new ways to source on eBay. We also catch up and provide some interesting BOLOs. Partner with us by signing up for a monthly membership at just $5 a month or “buying us a coffee”: _ Sign Up for listing services with Sellhound and receive 25% your first purchase or 25% off your first month of a Sellhound monthly subscription when using our affiliate link and promo code PUREHUSTLE25. By the way, everyone gets three free listings to try out before any purchases! Just go to and subscribe using our promo code PUREHUSTLE25. Sign Up for Crossposting with Vendoo and receive 25% off your first month when using our affiliate link. In order to receive the discount, subscription must be purchased  from the same device used to create the account: _ Purchase PHP Shirts: _ Donation link: _ Below is a link to all the shipping supplies we buy through Amazon: _ Bellow is a link to shipping supplies that we use: _ Instagram - @purehustlepodcast Twitter - @purehustlecast Facebook - purehustlepodcast Youtube - Pure Hustle Podcast - --- This episode is sponsored by · Superhuman: Superhuman is the fastest email experience ever made. Support this podcast:
1 hr 30 min
Another Woodshop Podcast
Another Woodshop Podcast
Another Woodshop Podcast
Episode 38: Kielbasi Thanksgiving
Episode 38 - Dan is finishing up  the barnwood doors, masking some cutting boards (but not finishing them), and refinishing some stair treads for a client. Mike was sick all week, but feeling better, wrapping up the redwood bench, working on some custom trays, and he set up his laser! Pete is painting wooden paneling, making a bunch of cutting boards, taught a private class, making cherry swing seats, and he’s redesigning a wall in his shop to make room...for a secret tool. Sponsor: MIRKA Sign up for Patreon for Early access, and special Patreon-only content: Raffle for Woodworkers with disabilities fund: Voicemails: Adam Barnett Barnett custom builds How do you price work for CNC? Adrienne Hickory Holdstead Creations What sales were you looking to take advantage of this black friday? +Barbara - MWIS Workshop - What is your Thanksgiving family tradition? Will king Fabled labs Resawing.  How do you process your wood when you resaw? Ben Miller What was the first order that made you realize you can go full time? What project, once finished, you felt such relief you wanted to sleep for days? Josh The Dad JoshTheDad1 What has been your favorite christmas gift to make? Giveaway: Listen to the podcast for how to enter! Odies Super Duper Dark 9OZ, 1-Scotch Brite Non-Abrasive pad ($40.49) Sponsored by MacBeath Hardwood Winners: David J. Sipich Micro Jig Dovetail Clamps DVC-538K2 ($44.99) You can leave us a voice message at (754) 225-5297 or you can record your question or comment on your phones voice memo app and email it to You can follow us all and the podcast on Instagram and YouTube! Podcast: Pete: Mike: Dan: Support the show (
1 hr 22 min
The Building Science Podcast
The Building Science Podcast
Positive Energy
What Would This Old House Say?
This Old House has been the gateway experience for countless numbers of building science enthusiasts and we’d wager many of you listeners have intersected with the show at some point in your life and career. Media, whether television or podcasting, is about so much more than sharing information - it’s about telling stories. And the important stories are the ones that change paradigms and facilitate progress in the world. Join Kristof as he interviews Chris Ermides of This Old House and the Ask This Old House podcast about leveraging stories to create meaning and context for anyone building a home. Chris Ermides: Chris Ermides joined This Old House in December 2018 as the editor of pro content. Since then, he’s written and produced a wide array of digital content, including articles and videos geared towards professional tradesmen and women. He is the host of the Ask This Old House podcast, the Idea House Build series, and many interviews on This Old House: Live. His interest in home improvement began at the age of 6 when he accompanied his dad to the local hardware store on the weekends and helped him on projects around the house. It was during this time that he also started watching This Old House and New Yankee Workshop. The trades have been a strong part of his family for several generations—Chris’s grandfather, an immigrant from Greece, was a cobbler and his great grandfather was a carpenter in Greece. While studying English in college, Chris worked full-time at a local hardware store before graduating with a Master’s degree in teaching English. He went on to teach high school and middle school English while working as a house painter and repairman during the summers. After four years of teaching, Chris returned to the trades starting with a brief stint on a ranch in Wyoming. His career path continued to evolve on jobsites, working his way up from a laborer to carpenter and eventually site supervisor for a custom home builder in upstate New York. He combined his love for the trades and writing chops with his jobsite experience and became an editor at Fine Homebuilding and Tools of the Trade. He’s been a contributor to JLC, Deck Builder, and ToolBox Buzz. Throughout his career he’s reported on many aspects of residential construction including how-to, tools, materials, and building science. Follow Chris on Instagram @ChrisErmidesTOH.
59 min
Woodshop Life Podcast
Woodshop Life Podcast
Woodshop Life Podcast
Episode 59 - Which Cordless Tools?, Drum Sander Preference, Outdoor Dust Collection, & MUCH More!
Support us on Patreon: Guy 1) Hello, got a question for the show! Will wiping mineral spirits on wood before finishing, to get the dust completely off, mess with the finish being applied correctly? I have read some places that mineral spirits will not change anything, but on Rubio‘s website for example, they say mineral spirits can mess with the finish. Just not sure if they’re saying this so that you buy their wood cleaner instead. Thanks! Buffalo Custom Woodworking 2) So I'm interested in getting a drum sander. Most of its use will be for panel doors etc. One of the things that I really like is a quality piece of equipment that I'm really not going to have too many problems with. I've looked at the Laguna supermax, the jet, and the powermatic. What can you tell me as far as quality in these different models and what should I be considering or looking for? Is there another company I should consider? Thanks again for a great podcast. Marlan Sean 1) Hey guys, thanks for answering my last question about the MFT. I was wondering if you all could talk about the cordless tools you use in your shops. I wouldn't say I'm in the market for new stuff (been using Ridgid 18v for close to a decade), but I'm always curious to hear what other people prefer/use and why. Thanks for the great show! Cardinal Custom Woodworking 2) Do you think machine cutting joinery instead of doing it by hand (dovetails for example) makes the finished product less desirable to a client or the general public? I've been practicing my hand cutting of joinery for about a month now and I think I would enjoy other aspects of building much more but I don't want to lose potential customers by not having that aspect in my builds. I look forward to your feedback and keep up the great work. Thanks. Miller Huy 1) I just recently started listening to your podcast and I've already learned a lot. I've followed you on Instagram and have been really inspired by your work. I started a woodworking business this year and I'm constantly trying to set up my shop to be the most beneficial for my daily tasks. One of the things I'm trying to improve right now is my dust collection. I currently have the harbor freight dust collector that I have run to my larger tools like my table saw, bandsaw, jointer, and planer. I'm trying to cut down on the amount of dust that is in the air in my shop as much as I can. My question for you is this: Is there anything wrong with setting the dust collector completely outside of the shop in order to take one more step to keep dust out of the shop? And part of the reason I ask that question is because I actually live in the middle of woods with no neighbors around me to have dust blown into their yards or complain about the sound of the dust collector. I also wonder if this would eliminate the need for a filter. And I would also obviously cover the dust collector in some way to keep it from the elements. Thanks for all the help you guys provide on the podcast and keep up that good work! Heath 2) I recently got a spray system and am beginning to incorporate spray finishing to as many projects as possible. I am starting a new build of walnut record cabinet, and I am contemplating pre finishing. The finished piece will be about 60"x30", so it will be much easier to pre finish the panels before assembled. I am thinking of using conversion varnish for durability. My question is, should I prefinish the inside and outside of all of the panels? Or just the inside, and finish the outside once the whole cabinet is assembled? If I only finish one side, do I have to worry about warping within the few days until I glue it up and finish the other side? On the contrary, it seems it would take quite a bit longer to prefinish both sides at once, having to wait for a side to dry before you can flip it over for a coat on the other side? Id love to hear how you guys have tackled prefinishing a cabinet in the past! - Sean Moore
1 hr 1 min
Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast
Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast
Jody Collier, Jonathan Lewis, and Roy Crumrine
Thank you for listening to episode 220 of the Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast! For this week's episode we talk about unconventional welding styles. We started off with some of the things we have done in our careers which lead into some of the things we have seen and so on. We hope you enjoy this episode and it sparks a few thoughts in your head about the things you've done or ideas of things you could do in the future! Have a great week and Enjoy! If you're liking what you hear please leave us a comment and rating on whatever podcast platform you're listening from. It's always great to hear what our listeners think. Plus, the more positive ratings we get the higher the podcast gets ranked which will make it seen for more future listeners. Thanks! Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast Patreon Page We also would like to take a moment and thank those who support the show on Patreon. Each Patron helps keep the show going and allows us to publish each and every week. If you would like to support the show, in any dollar amount, head over to Everyone there is greatly appreciated. This months top supporters of the show are RoboVent, Veteran Welding Co, Rick's Welding Service, David Doherty, Walt Oglesby, L&N Welding, H4 Fab Works, Marcus Hansen, Scott Tasso, Anthony Chrisomalis, Yusuf Khan, Unobtainium Welding, Forrevver Endeavors, Andy Katanic, S&S Metal Fabrication, CAD-2-Fab, Weldworks LLC, Jacob B Schaeffer, Ryan Shelley. Where Can You Find the Welding Tips and Tricks Forum? Welding Tips and Tricks Forum Where can you find Us? You can email Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast directly at We would really like to hear your thoughts about this podcast and what would make it better for you, the listener. Please leave us any questions that you would like to hear about welding, or questions you'd like to know about ourselves and future guests. Give us a Call You can also now call and leave us a voicemail! (915)308-7024 How to reach us individually Jody Collier Welding Tips and Tricks on Youtube @Weldmonger on Instagram Jonathan Lewis @Superiorwelding on Instagram Superiorwelding on Youtube Roy Crumrine @CrummyWelding on Instagram Interested in weld purging equipment as discussed in this show? Head over to to check out our complete selection of weld purging tools to help you make those perfect welds. Where can you find a Tig Finger? You can find Tig fingers and other great welding supplies, like stubby gas lens kits, here at this link All of which are great tools to have in your job toolbox and also your home shop box. This Podcast has been brought to you by Welders for Welders so that you can listen to Welders talk about Welding while you're Welding!
42 min
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