Nov 9, 2020
2020 Vuelta and Season wrap up
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Primož Roglič repeats at the Vuelta. The guys take a look back at the Slovenian's historic season as he makes it two in a row in Spain. They also hand out season ending awards to Deceuninck–Quick-Step, Team Sunweb and Jumbo–Visma.

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That Triathlon Show
That Triathlon Show
Mikael Eriksson
Carbohydrate intake in racing - a case for going very high with Aitor Viribay Morales (Astana Pro Team) | EP#269
Aitor Viribay Morales is a performance nutritionist at Astana Proteam (a World Tour cycling team) with a background in science and academia. In this interview we discuss his research findings and practical experience with ingesting really high amounts of carbohydrate (up to 120 g/h) in races, and the effects such high-carb strategies can have. IN THIS EPISODE YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: -Aitor's studies in mountain marathon runners on high-carbohydrate (up to 120 g/h) intake during racing and its effects -Performance effects, recovery effects, and muscle damage effects of high-carbohydrate intake in races -Is there not an absorption rate limit of 90 g/h as we have been told? -How to train the gut to absorb 120 g/h of carbohydrate -How do the potential benefits of high-carbohydrate intake in racing relate to training? -Metabolic flexibility, and the height and width of the fat oxidation curve -Practical takeaways SHOWNOTES: SCIENTIFIC TRIATHLON AND THAT TRIATHLON SHOW WEBPAGE: SPONSORS: Precision Hydration - One-size doesn't fit all when it comes to hydration. Take Precision Hydration's FREE sweat test and learn how you should hydrate. Use the discount code THATTRIATHLONSHOW15 to get 15% off your order OR use the code THATTRIATHLONSHOW and get your first box for free. ROKA - The finest triathlon wetsuits, apparel, equipment, and eyewear on the planet. Trusted by Javier Gómez, Gwen Jorgensen, Flora Duffy, Mario Mola, Lucy Charles and others. Visit for 20% off your order. LINKS AND RESOURCES: * Glut4Science website, Twitter and Instagram * Aitor's profile on Twitter and Research Gate * All Nutrition-related episodes on That Triathlon Show * Effects of 120 g/h of Carbohydrates Intake during a Mountain Marathon on Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Elite Runners - Viribay et al. 2020 * Effects of 120 vs. 60 and 90 g/h Carbohydrate Intake during a Trail Marathon on Neuromuscular Function and High Intensity Run Capacity Recovery - Otegui et al. 2020 RATE AND REVIEW: If you enjoy the show, please help me out by subscribing, rating and reviewing: CONTACT: Want to send feedback, questions or just chat? Email me at or connect on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
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Ask a Cycling Coach - TrainerRoad Podcast
Ask a Cycling Coach - TrainerRoad Podcast
Detraining, Is Recovery Trainable, Mental Health and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 293
How quickly do you lose fitness and how quickly does it come back, do you get better at recovering as your training experience increases, how to improve your mental relationship with cycling and much more in Episode 293 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! Alex Wild's Instagram: Find mentioned studies and products from this episode: ------------------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT TRAINERROAD — CYCLING’S MOST EFFECTIVE TRAINING SYSTEM TrainerRoad makes cyclists faster. Athletes get structured indoor workouts, science-backed training plans, and easy-to-use performance analysis tools to reach their goals. Build Your Custom Plan: Train Together with Group Workouts: Get Started: ------------------------------------------------------------------ TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE * Coach Chad’s 2021 New Year’s Resolutions * Do you get better at recovering with more training experience? * Why riding singletrack can be surprisingly tricky * How to balance interval training with skills training * The Science of Getting Faster podcast * Should you do long rides on the weekends? * How to fuel during threshold intervals? * What to do if you’ve failed a ramp test * How much do you have to train to maintain fitness? * Does fitness actually come back quickly? * How to improve your mental relationship with sport ------------------------------------------------------------------ SUCCESSFUL ATHLETES PODCAST * iTunes: * Google Podcasts: * YouTube: ------------------------------------------------------------------ RESOURCES AND STUDIES REFERENCED IN THIS EPISODE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------------------------------------------------------------------ STAY IN TOUCH Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Strava Club:
2 hr 16 min
Purple Patch Podcast
Purple Patch Podcast
Matt Dixon
150 Let's Get Cracking: Race-Ready Fitness Starts Now
Yes, we're still in the midst of it all and racing feels like a way off, but it is time to begin to build your base for performance. Yes...starting NOW. I don’t want you to let this opportunity bypass you. Admittedly the postseason/prep-phase of training is not usually the favorite of athletes and yet, it’s so critical that you can’t be race-ready without it. The problem with this kind of preparation is that the real rewards of this kind of training can only be seen in the rearview mirror. You can’t make up deficits in this early work later in the season because you will be neck-deep in other goals. So our goal, therefore, is to build sustainable consistency with specificity that fits into the context of our lives. This is where the all-important ARTERY SESSIONS come into play. Artery Sessions are designed to help you put your finger on the "pulse" of your performance and provide a sense of continuity as your training progresses. The workouts will retain a familiar feel, but evolve through the season. This is Essential: Don’t think of these as benchmark tests. Instead, you are looking for a real read on physiological progress, so trying to redline to improve your time will only fool you into thinking your threshold is higher than it really is. Even if immediate racing plans are murky, I encourage you to lean into ARTERY sessions -- that can run like an artery through your season -- to track and monitor the progress and effectiveness of your training. What are these magical sessions that Purple Patch embraces throughout the year? You get to preview 12 of them! This is a wonderful time to begin training with a purpose and the artery sessions are your backbone that you come to every three weeks. Apply patience, seek mini-victories, and build a massive season of performance. Purple Patch Resources Download our FREE Artery Sessions Here: Email with questions about team training and strength programming. Purple Patch Podcast Page Subscribe to the Purple Patch Podcast: Apple Podcasts Spotify Amazon Music
56 min
The Physical Performance Show
The Physical Performance Show
Brad Beer
252: Expert Edition: Rory Darkins, Psychology Researcher, Mental Skills Coach, ‘Positive Psychology for the Endurance Athlete’
Rory Darkins is a positive psychology academic, mental skills coach to Olympic athletes and the brains behind the What’s Right app. Rory is a regular speaker at global conferences including the World Congress on Positive Psychology. Rory translates the best of the research into practical and easy to understand strategies that anyone can take home and apply to life and thrive. Rory himself has a diverse sporting background, having spent many years traveling the world pursuing professional cricket alongside his own competitive running, having competed internationally in surf lifesaving for the 2km beach event and alongside Eloise Wellings, Rory co hosts the “What's Right Within” podcast. Get ready for some great learnings that will translate into better headspace daily across your week and of course, for your next sporting competition, as Rory shares around what positive psychology is, and why it matters to not just optimal performance, but also health and well-being, the difference between harmonious and obsessive passion, why it's the pursuit of the process that should matter more than the outcome itself, and why there’s a great return on investment to be had when we stop and assess ourselves at our best. Show Sponsor: Endure IQ Whether you’re an athlete or coach, ENDURE IQ aims to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to optimise your sports performance. To get you started ENDURE IQ will gift you $25 towards your first ENDURE IQ purchase - use the code BRADBEER at the checkout. Information is useful, but knowing how to use it is powerful. ENDURE IQ - hitting the sweet spot of performance, health and enjoyment. Visit Join the The Physical Performance Show LEARNINGS membership through weekly podcasts | Patreon If you enjoyed this episode of The Physical Performance Show please hit SUBSCRIBE for to ensure you are one of the first to future episodes. Jump over to POGO Physio - for more details Follow @Brad_Beer Instagram & Twitter The Physical Performance Show: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter (@tppshow1) Please direct any questions, comments, and feedback to the above social media handles.
1 hr 16 min
Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running
Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running
RunnersConnect : Running Coaching Community
World-Class Running is Still A Hobby for Keira D’Amato
Keira D’Amato is a world class runner who broke the American record in the 10 mile and clocked an incredible 2:22 at the Marathon Project this past December, but incredibly, she’s a full-time realtor and running is her side gig. Keira, an unsponsored Realtor and mom of two from Virginia, unexpectedly placed 15th at the Olympic Marathon Trials last February, emerging onto the American running radar after a comeback mission that spanned over a decade. Keira was a rising star at D1 American University, even beating future Olympians Molly Huddle and Amy Cragg. Then an ankle injury and subsequent surgery seemingly ended her running career for good. Switching gears, Keira started working at her mom’s real estate company, started a family, and called herself a “hobby jogger.” She started training hard again to fulfill her life-long dream of becoming an Olympian, continuing to get faster and faster even as the pandemic shut down the world and Tokyo postponed the Olympics. In 2020, Keira got an unofficial Olympic standard in the 5K, ran a blisteringly fast 4:33 mile, and in November, Keira became the fastest American woman in the 10 mile. To cap off the year, Keira clocked a truly world-class time of 2:22 at the Marathon Project last December, coming in second place behind Sara Hall, a 12-minute improvement over her time at the trials. As remarkable as all that is, running is still a hobby for Keira. She remains a professional realtor, not a professional runner. She talks to Coach Claire about running at an elite level while being a full-time realtor and mom, what 2020 was like for her, including the Marathon Project and her PRs, and how she trains for both speed and distance. As a bonus, this fun and inspiring episode even includes some corny mom jokes! Enjoy! Questions Keira is asked: 4:14 What an amazing year 2020 turned out for you in running! After what you call a decade of "hobby jogging" you have emerged as one of the best American distance runners, breaking the American record in the 10 mile and clocking an incredible 2:22 at the Marathon Project in December. Can you talk about what last year was like for you? 5:43 It’s easy to think that you just came out of nowhere, but you ran Division I in college, you were coached by Matt Centrowitz, even beating out a few future Olympians in races back then. What were your plans for your running career back then? 7:06 I imagine it must be such a mind shift to think, “Okay, my life is headed in a certain direction,” and you get injured. “Well, my life is not going in that direction.” And then to get a second chance. Not many people get a second chance like you got. 9:39 You have become one of the distance moms. The field of American female distance runners right now is so deep, and most of them are moms which would be unheard of not that long ago. How do you feel that motherhood has intertwined with your running? Do you think there’s something to do with it that makes you a better runner? 11:34 When your kids were younger, did you do the running stroller thing? 12:46 Let’s talk about the Marathon Project last month. You had a massive PR and came in second place. What about your training said that “Hey, I can do this. I can get a sub-2:30. I can get close to 2:20.” What kind of workouts, what kind of things were going on in your mind that told you, “Yeah, I’m a contender?” 14:22 Did you have any thoughts of running out with Sara Hall and going for the American record at the time? 15:13 Not only did you kill it in the marathon but you got a new 5K PR and a mile PR this year. How does training for those shorter distances, or at least testing yourself at those shorter distances, how does that relate to your marathon, and what would you say to that 20-yr-old girl that you used to be that you’re pretty much beating all the time now? 17:57 Would your advice to somebody who is let’s say plateauing in the marathon be to do track work? What would be your number one tip to get a breakthrough like you had? 18:45 Speaking of your training, you are on Strava and your Strava feed is like a corny mom’s joke, so I would love to hear what’s your favorite corny mom joke? 20:16 We have something else in common besides running. You are a realtor. I’ve been a realtor for almost 19 years now so I can relate to that. You still work full time as a realtor and you’re not sponsored as a pro runner. Tell me about that. 22:35 That’s a great point. You think, “Oh, you’re an elite runner, you should just get signed and have running, running, running all over your life,” but the fact that you can be riskier because you have real estate as your income source, running isn’t about money for you. 23:58 I read somewhere that you do real estate negotiations while you’re on a run, on an easy run. 25:06 You said multiple times in this conversation that you are going to be an Olympian, so what’s next for you? 25:29 You’ve hit the Olympic standard in the 5K, right, but it was unofficial? Is that correct? Questions I ask everyone: 26:30 If you could go back and talk to yourself when you started running, what advice would you give? 27:41 What is the greatest gift running has given you? 28:27 Where can listeners connect with you? Quotes by Keira: “I think through all the chaos, and all the hurt, and pain, and just everything that happened in the negative space in 2020, I really clung to running to be my hope, to be my good time, to be my goals.” “It’s important to keep the mileage up and to make sure you’re getting your long runs and your tempo runs too, but I think just developing your speed. Like when I first did a marathon, I think that was like my 5K pace too, and then I’ve been able to drag my 5K pace down so much that now I feel really comfortable running marathon pace, so I think that that’s the key.” “I live, I train, everything about me is elite athlete. If you look at my life, I have a very similar structured life to the elite athletes but just instead of taking as many naps or having some downtime and going on Netflix binges, I’m doing my real job.” Take a Listen on Your Next Run Want more awesome interviews and advice? Subscribe to our iTunes channel Mentioned in this podcast: Keira D’Amato – Stone Properties ( Runners Connect Winner's Circle Facebook Community RunnersConnect Facebook page RunnersConnect Focus Classes email Coach Claire Follow Keira on: Instagram We really hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Run to the Top. The best way you can show your support of the show is to share this podcast with your family and friends and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media channel you use. The more people who know about the podcast and download the episodes, the more I can reach out to and get top running influencers, to bring them on and share their advice, which hopefully makes the show even more enjoyable for you!
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