Nov 9, 2020
2020 Vuelta and Season wrap up
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Primož Roglič repeats at the Vuelta. The guys take a look back at the Slovenian's historic season as he makes it two in a row in Spain. They also hand out season ending awards to Deceuninck–Quick-Step, Team Sunweb and Jumbo–Visma.

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Ask a Cycling Coach - TrainerRoad Podcast
Ask a Cycling Coach - TrainerRoad Podcast
Artificial Sweeteners, DIY Race Tips, Nutrient Timing and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 294
How do artificial sweeteners fuel training, and are they good for athletes, tips for DIY races and match racing strategy, a deep dive on nutrient timing and how it affects training and much more in Episode 294 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! Find mentioned studies and products from this episode: ------------------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT TRAINERROAD — CYCLING’S MOST EFFECTIVE TRAINING SYSTEM TrainerRoad makes cyclists faster. Athletes get structured indoor workouts, science-backed training plans, and easy-to-use performance analysis tools to reach their goals. Build Your Custom Plan: Train Together with Group Workouts: Get Started: ------------------------------------------------------------------ TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE • DIY Race Tips • Tactics for Match Races and small breakaways • Equipment choices that make you faster • How to give and receive criticism as an athlete • How to breathe more effectively • Does burping lower your heart rate? • Is it better to train on climbs or flats? • How to train if you have no races on your calendar • Ramp tests without a smart trainer • The hosts favorite workouts and strength training exercises • Training while pregnant • Should athletes use artificial sweeteners? • Nutrient timing for athletes ------------------------------------------------------------------ SUCCESSFUL ATHLETES PODCAST • iTunes: • Google Podcasts: • YouTube: ------------------------------------------------------------------ RESOURCES AND STUDIES REFERENCED IN THIS EPISODE - Successful Athletes Podcast: - TrainerRoad Blog Mailing List: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------------------------------------------------------------------ STAY IN TOUCH Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Strava Club:
2 hr 6 min Podcast Podcast Podcast/Tennis Channel Podcast Network
Jessica Pegula on preparing for a Grand Slam in quarantine
While her Buffalo Bills have ended their 2021 season, Jessica Pegula is just starting her campaign Down Under. The world No. 64 has been in modified quarantine for two weeks as she prepares for the Yarra Valley Classic WTA 500 in Melbourne.  Pegula turned a corner in her career in 2019 when she cracked the Top 100 for the first time and won her first WTA title in Washington, D.C. The 26-year-old started 2020 with a run to the Auckland final and during the summer in New York she picked up wins over Jennifer Brady, Amanda Anisimova and Aryna Sabalenka.  Pegula has big goals in mind on the court, but she's also got a lot going on off it as she's planning to get married this fall. She explains what went into postponing her wedding from 2020 and how she's kept very zen about it all.  She's just nine spots shy of her career-high ranking of No. 55 and gives her perspective on how rankings can affect a player's mindset.Though preparing for a Grand Slam in quarantine isn't ideal, Pegula and her coach David Witt have been making the most of it with five hours of outdoor time per day (72 players weren't so lucky). Pegula teamed up with Witt, the former longtime coach of Venus Williams, just before her title win in D.C. She zoned in on working as hard as possible during all of the time off last year with great results, and she hopes it pays off in 2021, too.  The views, information, and/or opinions expressed are solely those of the podcast creators and do not necessarily represent those of The Tennis Channel, Inc., its affiliates or subsidiaries. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
33 min
The Pedalshift Project: Bicycle Touring Podcast
The Pedalshift Project: Bicycle Touring Podcast
Tim Mooney
The Pedalshift Project 231: Exploring Bikepacking in 2021
I'll admit, I've been bikepacking curious for awhile. As my touring continues to expand and evolve I'm thinking more about bikepacking options for 2021 and I thought I'd share the process on the pod. Join me, won't you? Exploring bikepacking options * Evolving gear - what is touring and what is bikepacking? Does it matter? * Expanding gear to suit tours best * Slimmer profile * Less gear for low or no camping touring * More trails and gravel (hi WV!) Option 1 - modify what I have * fork cages + dry bags (10L x2) = 1 ortlieb * EXCEPT... new fork doesn't have brazons * handlebar roll * EXCEPT current brake cables block ability to tighten * dry bag on rear rack or saddle bag * This is currently doable * Saddle bag? * With a rear rack this doesn't do much. Option 2 - Reduce gear in and get into 2-3 dry bags? * Ding ding. An option I've done before. * Particularly easy for no-camping trips. * For camping: Hammock? Bivvy or smaller tent? Option 3 - New bike? * Probably where I'm heading. Surly ECR looks amazing. * COVID continues to limit availability, and also Surly has slimmed down its bikepacking line (pour one out for the Ogre, not to mention the non-disc LHT!) * Then add bikepacking bags. * Build: go all out or frugally? I think my next bike might be more the former, but it really depends. This option gets very expensive, very quickly. Where do I land? * I've been threatening a new bike for a while, but it's a big outlay. * I would need to justify its purchase by actually using it, or I'll feel dumb/wasteful. * Biggest thing working against this is the substantial overlap between my Safari and the ECR. When I ride one and could use the other, I'll be thinking of waste. * My spring tour is almost certainly on the Safari, it's just a question of where... probably close to home again because it seems prudent to wait on the vaccination and summer for a longer ride * Much more to think about! Pedalshift Society As always we like to close out the show with a special shoutout to the Pedalshift Society! Because of support from listeners like you, Pedalshift is a weekly bicycle touring podcast with a global community, expanding into live shows and covering new tours like this spring's DC to Cincinnatti bike tour! If you like what you hear, you can support the show for 5 bucks, 2 bucks or even a buck a month. And there's one-shot and annual options if you're not into the small monthly thing. Check it all out at Kimberly Wilson Caleb Jenkinson Cameron Lien Andrew MacGregor Michael Hart Keith Nagel Brock Dittus Thomas Skadow Marco Lo Terrance Manson Harry Telgadas Chris Barron Mark Van Raam Brad Hipwell Mr. T Nathan Poulton Stephen Dickerson Vince LoGreco Cody Floerchinger Tom Benenati Greg Braithwaite Sandy Pizzio Jeff Muster Seth Pollack Joseph Quinn Drue Porter Byron Paterson Joachim Raber Ray Jackson Jeff Frey Kenny Mikey Lisa Hart John Denkler Steve Hankel Miguel Quinones Alejandro Avilés-Reyes Keith Spangler Greg Towner Dan Gebhart, RIP Jody Dzuranin Lucas Barwick Michael Baker Brian Bechtol Reinhart Bigl Greg Middlemis Connie Moore William Gothmann Brian Benton Joan Churchill Mike Bender Rick Weinberg Billy Crafton Gary Matushak Greg L’Etoile-Lopes James Sloan Jonathan Dillard John Funk Tom Bilcze Ronald Piroli Dave Roll Brian Hafner Misha LeBlanc Ari Messinger David Gratke Todd Groesbeck Wally Estrella Sue Reinert John Leko Stephen Granata Phillip Mueller Robert Lackey Dominic Carol Jacqi McCulloch John Hickman Carl Presseault David Neves Patty Louise Terry Fitzgerald Peter Steinmetz Timothy Fitzpatrick Michael Liszewski Hank O’Donnell David Zanoni David Weil Matthew Sponseller Scott Angelo Chad Reno
33 min
Simon Schofield
Ep 93: Peak Zwift, Coco is Cara! Zwift Power + all the Zwifty chat
A new episode for a New Year - and 2021 has dawned with, as usual, lots of Zwift news and developments for the Zwiftcasters to discuss.The trio start off with an exploration of the possible reasons why Simon’s very favourite pacer bot may have had an identity change. Coco is now Cara! But why? Simon has a theory. The podcasters move on to discuss the big new Peak Zwift - with more than 46,000 users on the platform concurrently the growth of Zwift over the past year can now be quantified, using this public metric. Up from a mere 16,000 concurrent users at the same point last year, Simon, Shane and Zwift celebrate the achievement whilst also exploring what it all means. Just in time for the Tour de Zwift’s six remaining stages, the game’s developers think they may have found a possible bug which could explain why some users (previously described by the chaps as “potato-owners”) have hit problems riding big events. Are potatoes off the hook? The Zwiftcasters chime in. A high profile departure from Zwift of a respected event organiser seems to have focussed some attention on the event management system - is a new hire at Zwift, combined with the drama of the departure, an answer to some of the gripes Event Organisers have? And Zwift Power has been having a tough time recently - Glen Knight, one half of the service’s inventors tries to shed light on what may be happening. Plus all the usual other Zwift news and chat! We hope you enjoy listening.
1 hr 25 min
Bolton Ebikes - The Podcast
Bolton Ebikes - The Podcast
Kyle Chittock
The UBCO 2x2 | EP 54
Hey Everybody! Welcome back! It is the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. Once again, I am Kyle Chittock the owner of Bolton Ebikes and this is a podcast all about everything electric bikes. And if you've been listening for a while, you've heard me tease something in a few episodes here and there. Something about the UBCO 2x2. If you don't know what that is, don't worry. I'm going to tell you all about it in this episode. It's time for something new and very different at Bolton Ebikes. In today’s episode you’ll learn more about: * What is the UBCO 2x2? * What do you mean it doesn’t have pedals? * Where can I take the UBCO 2x2? * How is this different from a motorcycle? * How does it compare to an ebike? * Is this just for off-road use? * Is a license required? * Details on the brakes, suspension, maintenance, and more. We will have that available on our site soon. And we'll have one here available for a test ride. So it's going to be awesome. It’s going to be a lot of fun and another new and exciting chapter for Bolton Ebikes. And if you are not already on my email list, make sure you go get on that right now. You can go to And right now we've got along the top of the webpage, a little bar, a pop-up, whatever you want to call it. It's very small and unobtrusive. But it just says, Sign Up! That's where you can get on our email list and you can learn more about new things like this that are coming out. And of course, just stick around on the podcast. If you haven't left me a review, I do appreciate those. So please, please, wherever you are listening, leave a review, iTunes, your favorite podcasting app, whatever it is. I do appreciate those. I try to read those on a regular basis and thank you to all of those that have already. This is The Bolton EBikes Podcast! See you next week! Links from Bolton Ebikes Sign up for Podcast Episode Notifications: Subscribe to The Bolton Ebikes YouTube Channel: Find your perfect Bolton Ebike: Instagram: Facebook Group: Want to be on The Bolton Ebikes Podcast? Or maybe you know someone who does? Submit the contact information and stories about those ebike adventures to the team at and let us know you want to be on the show!
29 min
The Greg Bennett Show
The Greg Bennett Show
Greg Bennett
Cam Brown - Ironman Legend - 12 x IM NZ Champion - 4 x IM World Championships podium
In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has a delightful conversation with Cam Brown. Cam Brown is redefining what we think of aging and longevity. His passion for Triathlon is evident in his consistent, relentless pursuit of bettering himself every time he races. At 48, he toes the line with athletes more than half his age. He’s raced three generations of professionals and continues to be competitive. His resume is one of the greatest Ironman resumes in the world, some highlights include: 12 x NZ IM ChampA win at the European IM Championships (Fra) & 2 x 2ndFour podiums at the Kona IM World Championships 2 x 2nd, 2x 3rd10 x NZ Half IM Champ He knows himself; he knows his strengths and he knows his weaknesses and he played his cards accordingly. He has optimized his career in sport to its fullest and I for one truly have the utmost respect. In this episode, Cam reflects on his 30+ year career, the advances in technology, the incredible athletes he's competed against, and when he realized that Ironman was made for him. Cam shares his passion for the sport of Triathlon and how that passion is still fueling him. His goal is to race as a professional athlete into his 50s, that's something that has never been done before. His calm demeanor is evident in this conversation. Not easily rattled being a useful weapon for longevity in professional sport.
1 hr 21 min
Way of Champions Podcast
Way of Champions Podcast
John O'Sullivan
#204 Actor and Producer Mike O'Malley on Parenting Your Young Athletes in the "Adultified" World of Youth Sports
This week on the Way of Champions Podcast we welcome Mike O'Malley, actor, producer, and youth sport advocate. You have seen Mike on Morning Show, The Good Place, Yes, Dear;  Parks and Recreation, Justified; My Own Worst Enemy; My Name is Earl; Welcome to the Family and The Mike O’Malley Show. Mike is also a champion for youth sports.   During our discussion, we dive into the state of youth sports, yelling during a band performance or writing assignment, and making youth sport teams fair for the benefit of all. Mike shares many great insights on the world of youth sports! Highlights and great quotes from the this episode: * What is the state of youth sports? * Allowing your kids to fail and succeed * Why aren't more kids playing multiple sports and learning basic physical skills? * Yelling during a band performance or writing assignment * Making youth sport teams fair for the benefit of all * Deciphering the difference between a pizza party after a win or after a loss * Working with Lebron James   More About Mike O'Malley Mike O'Malley is the creator of the award-winning television series Survivor’s Remorse, which recently completed its four season run on Starz. Currently, he is the showrunner of the LionsGate/Starz hour long drama Heels which began shooting last summer. O’Malley also wrote on Showtime’s Shameless for the first four seasons.    As an actor, Mike was nominated for his groundbreaking portrayal of Burt Hummel on Glee, and more recently starred in Wayne, now airing on Amazon. Television acting credits include: Morning Show, The Good Place, Yes, Dear;  Parks and Recreation, Justified; My Own Worst Enemy; My Name is Earl; Welcome to the Family and The Mike O’Malley Show. Film acting credits include: Sully, Concussion, 28 Days, Deep Impact, Cedar Rapids, Eat Pray Love and Meet Dave. Way back when, he hosted the Nickelodeon shows Get the Picture and Guts.   Mike co-authored the book for the Broadway musical Jimmy Buffett's Welcome to Margaritaville and has written two plays that have been published by Samuel French: Three Years from Thirty and Diverting Devotion. His play Searching for Certainty was adapted into the film Certainty, which won the Best Screenplay award at the Boston film Festival. Born in Boston, and raised in New Hampshire, Mr. O’Malley resides in Los Angeles with his wife Lisa and their three children.   The Way of Champions Podcast is brought to you by Sports Refund. When kids sign up to play youth sports there are always fees involved. And parents pay those fees so their child can be on the team, not the injury report. That’s why I love Sports Refund, and parents will too. Sports Refund is low-cost sports fee insurance – NOT health insurance, sports fee insurance. So if your child becomes injured or sick and can’t play, you get your fees reimbursed for that lost time, from one game to an entire season. It’s that simple. This product not only saves families wasted fees, it saves injured athletes the stress of feeling like they’re wasting their parents’ money. The fees come back until the player comes back. So they can focus on fully recovering and making a healthy return to the game. Sports Refund has options for individuals and organizations. Ask your club if they offer it, or visit to learn more and sign up today. That’s Can’t Play? Don’t Pay. With Sports Refund.   Help Support the Podcast!   Become a Podcast Champion! …and get FREE access to ALL of our online courses.   If you love the podcast, we would love for you to become a Podcast Champion, ( for as little as a cup of coffee per month (OK, its a Venti Mocha), to help us up the ante and provide even better interviews, better sound, and an overall enhanced experience. Plus, as a $10 per month Podcast Super-Champion, you will have access to never before released and bonus material, including:   * Downloadable transcripts of the podcasts, so you don't have to crash your car trying to take notes! * A monthly discussion with John, James, Jerry, and other special guests talking about the previous month's episodes and answering some of the FAQs we received that month * A code to get free access to our online course called "Coaching Mastery," usually a $97 course, but yours for free for becoming a patron. * Access to an online community of coaches like you who are dedicated listeners of the podcast, and will be able to answer your questions and share their coaching experiences.   Thank you for all your support these past two years, and a special big thank you to all of you who become part of our inner circle, our patrons, who will enable us to take our podcast to the next level.
1 hr 7 min
Fast Talk
Fast Talk
Fast Talk Labs
148: The Causes and Effects of Concussions and TBIs, with Dr. Steven Broglio and Timmy Duggan
Unfortunately, concussions and traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are far too common in cycling. Whether training on open roads, racing at high speeds, or facing off with rush-hour traffic on your bike commute, cyclists often place themselves in vulnerable situations. Head injuries are becoming increasingly diagnosed among the two-wheeled crowd.    What’s more, there’s a good deal of misunderstanding about what exactly the terms concussion and TBI mean. Are they the same or very different? How should you manage each condition? What are the potential long-term repercussions of concussions, if any? We’ll tackle all of these questions, and many more, in this episode.    We turn to Dr. Steven Broglio, the director of the University of Michigan Concussion Center and the director of the NeuroTrauma Research Laboratory, for guidance on this complex subject. Dr. Broglio has spent much of his adult life studying the causes of concussion, the effects of concussion on the brain, the short- and long-term concerns, the best course of management, and the use of helmets, of course. His experience and knowledge on the matter make for a compelling discussion.    Add to that the conversations I had with Timmy Duggan and Hannah Finchamp, two athletes who have each suffered head injuries. Timmy’s story is well-known: While racing at the Tour of Georgia, he was involved in a horrific crash which led to a severe traumatic brain injury. He shares his experience, from the injury to the acute aftermath and rehabilitation, to the long-term and psychological impact the injury had on his life. You’ll hear from him throughout the episode.    And Hannah walks us through how being hit by a car led to her concussion, and how that impacted training and life.    All that and much more on today’s episode of Fast Talk.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
1 hr 44 min
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