Cyrus Says
Cyrus Says
Jun 9, 2021
feat. Namit Arora
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On this episode, Cyrus is joined by author Namit Arora to talk about Namit's latest book 'Indians: A Brief History of A Civilization'. Namit and Cyrus get into his book, how he got interested in the subject, and a lot more. They discuss how Namit got started with writing after college, how he got interested with history, him getting an engineering degree and going to US for grad school and then working in Silicon Valley, getting interested in ancient cultures, and more. Namit further goes on to talk about his trip to Mexico and getting blown away by the ruins of the Mayan and the Aztec civilizations, getting fascinated by lost cities, how one tends to look back at one's history and roots a lot more when one is away from their own country, getting an outsider's view of your own culture, and lots more.
Namit also mentions going to the famous ancient Nalanda University, wondering what a day in the life of students there was like, how Buddhism was expelled from India at some point and how the country was reminded of it, the Harappan Civilizations being the beginning of civilization, the first indoor toilets being made at the Indus Valley civilizations, no evidence of there being temples or a priestly class, no evidence of war or weapons at Harappa, and a lot more fascinating stuff on this episode. Namit also talks briefly about Gobekli Tepe, an ancient archaeological site in Turkey, discovered only in the 90's. Cyrus and Namit also talk about Namit's other books, namely 'The Lottery of Birth' and 'Love and Loathing in Silicon Valley'. Tune in to this truly fascinating episode.

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