QUICK FIRE: #25 Mia Krishnamurthy: 20 yrs old Founder shares her journey of starting NOVA, a women’s Squash clothing company
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NTRODUCING THE ‘QUICK FIRE’ SEGMENTS: This is where we ask each guest the same kind of questions broken into two sections. First, their thoughts on major areas of the sport of squash. And then two other areas that we learn more about their life. I love this section because I never know what people were going to say. And I've learned so much about the guests and new ways to try and do things.

So we're going to try and do more interviews based on this shorter format, because we're always up for experiments and try new things.  Thank you for all your support we've been getting and your emails mean the world to me and the rest of the team as always thanks for tuning in, and we hope you enjoy.

********************** ProSportLED is also a Sponsor of Squash Radio and we both aligned about the importance of sharing the stories of people involved in our Sport.  We cover a lot of ground on this episode and launch a new addition to our “Quick Fire” segment with a 90-second take on the major areas of the Sport.

We hope you enjoy our conversation! Squash Radio (SqR) In this episode, both a unique and the youngest guest, Mia Krishnamurthy, will be featured. She is the founder of Nova Apparel New York, the first Squash Apparel Company for women. At a very young age, she has achieved a lot. Currently, Mia is in college at Cornell University studying Economics. As an athlete, she is the highest national junior ranking of 33rd in GU19 and a three-time US Squash Scholar-Athlete award recipient.  


In today’s episode, you will get some insights on how Mia built Nova Apparel NYC at a very young age and how she overcame struggles and achieved her successes. Discover her roadblocks and learnings.


For those who want to start a business but do not know where to start, this episode may give you that light bulb! Listen and enjoy!


Key Takeaways

  • Mia on starting and growing Nova Apparel NYC
  • Balancing the design process with clients’ preference for her
  • Her inspiration and learnings from entrepreneurs
  • Platforms she uses to spend time with friends and customers
  • Mia on achieving initial brand recognition
  • Her Nova Apparel NYC products and expansion avenues
  • What she thinks about being stereotyped by adults
  • Open-mindedness and goal-setting in doing business for her
  • She talks about goal-setting for Nova Apparel NYC
  • The natural and unnatural parts in doing business for her
  • Her best hopes for Nova and doing business in the future
  • What she loves and what she wants to improve across all levels in squash
  • Her advice to young squash players
  • How Shark Tank inspired her
  • Things that fires her up
  • Her sources of happiness



Nova Apparel NYC - https://novaapparelnyc.com 

Shark Tank - https://abc.com/shows/shark-tank



Shoe Dog by Phil Knight - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/27220736-shoe-dog



How I built it by Guy Ruz - https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510313/how-i-built-this



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