Spout Lore
Spout Lore
Jan 13, 2021
7-9 - We've Gotta Start Setting Some Firmer Boundaries
Play • 1 hr 15 min
The gang runs afoul of no less than 4 different elements of Makaal's seedy underbelly.

[Content Warning: Accidental Larceny, Musical Ambiguity, Shoe Conversations]

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Ep 76: The Lucky and The Lost
The NeoScum — well, Dak, Pox, and Tech — leave town still reeling from their friend's sudden disappearance. They were dealt a bum hand, worst in the deck... but every deal has its turn. ( Editor's Note: Gannon's audio file was lost and we had to use his Zoom track!) ♥ *Blair's Twitter thread* ( https://twitter.com/Blair_Britt/status/1355521354246856706?s=20 ) ** regarding the Blair Britt Break ♥ NeoScum is Blair Britt ( https://twitter.com/Blair_Britt ) , Mike Migdall ( https://twitter.com/ItsMigdallTime ) , Gannon Reedy ( https://twitter.com/gannonreedy ) , Eleni Sauvageau ( https://twitter.com/Electriceleni ) , and Casey Toney ( https://twitter.com/CaseyPoney ). Yeah, daddy. You can find NeoScum on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/neoscum ) , on Reddit ( https://www.reddit.com/r/NeoScum/ ) , and at NeoScum.com ( http://neoscum.com/ ). // THE GOOD STUFF * *KICKSTART "THE COMPANY"* ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/logandean/the-company-conflict-resolution-guidelines ) *EXPANSION!* Help friend of the show, Logan Dean ( https://twitter.com/L__Dean ) , Kickstart the expansion to his corporate-horror TTRPG, *The Company* ! Featuring contributions from our very own *Gannon Reedy* and beloved artist and scummer, Alex Mitchell ( https://twitter.com/red_fathom ) ! * *CHECK OUT GIO'S MUSIC!* Find more of Gio's music and art at his Bandcamp ( https://giobenedetti.bandcamp.com/ ) ! * *SEND YOUR FRIENDS TO THE NEOSCUM STARTER!* A primer to the show and characters, NeoScum.com/Starter ( https://neoscum.com/starter ) is the #1 stop for new listeners. * *UNLOCK MORE EPs WITH THE* *NEOSCUM PATREON* ( https://patreon.com/NeoScum ) *!* At the Scum Rat tier, Patrons get alternating Gaiden and Scum Chat episodes every other #NeoScumFriday ( https://twitter.com/search?q=%23neoscumfriday&src=typed_query ) — plus several dozen hours of archived bonus episodes and content. * *SIGN UP FOR THE SCUMLETTER!* NeoScum's fun and informative monthly newsletter is available for sign up at NeoScum.com/scumletter ( https://neoscum.com/scumletter ). Keep up to date on all things NeoScum, including *Gannon's Cyberpunk Essentials*. * *GET SOME MERCH!* The NeoScum Shop at Threadless has a truckload of apparel, accessories, and decor! Check it out at NeoScum.com/shop ( https://neoscum.threadless.com/ ). * *CHECK OUT THE TWITCH STREAMS!* Catch Mike & Eleni @ twitch.tv/itsmikelenitime ( https://twitch.tv/itsmikelenitime ) , Casey @ twitch.tv/caseyponey ( https://twitch.tv/caseyponey ) , and Blair @ twitch.tv/blairbrittproject ( https://www.twitch.tv/blairbrittproject ) This episode of NeoScum features songs by Gio Benedetti: * NeoSad Theme (Ethereal Mix) And the following music from HoZac Records: * Barry Mundane Has Plans - Dan Melchior * I'm Coming Down - Georgiana Starlington * Handsome Nick - The People's Temple * The Great Divide - Georgiana Starlington * Uneasy - Wax Idols * Mike's Dust - Cowboys * I'm Dead (Instrumental) - The Limiñanas (ending plug) Music may have been edited or modified for use. Learn more about HoZac and the artists they support at HoZacRecords.com ( http://hozacrecords.com/ ).
1 hr 7 min
Lawful Stupid: A DnD 5e Actual Play Podcast
Lawful Stupid: A DnD 5e Actual Play Podcast
Dungeons and Dragons
C3 Arc I: Episode 5 - Even Flow
The flood will return soon, and as it does, it gets stronger each time. Will Lucien, Beatrice, and William find the source in time? We at Lawful Stupid are a D&D 5e actual play podcast who actually love to play. We love everything about the Tabletop RPG Community and consistently strive to make the world a better place within that community through inclusivity, creativity, charitable acts, and above all else, fantastical heroism. If you want to be a part of the amazing dnd community of artists, creators, and all around amazing fun people that we are building please join us in our discord, send any questions to our email, and consider making a donation to our charity of the month as a part of our Roll for Humanity initiative all found below, or just check out our website for dungeons, dragons, mystery, magic, lore, and love all in one spot. Check out our website https://lawfulstupid.org Join our discord at http://discord.lawfulstupid.org Email us at thecrew@lawfulstupid.org Want to support the show? You can do so at https://Patreon.lawfulstupid.org See our monthly Roll for Humanity: minmaxmankind.org Support the show and buy delicious DnD Inspired coffee at https://foundfamiliar.com/#LawfulStupid Get a free month of Critical Dice’s Endless Bag of Dice by using the coupon code LAWFULSTUPID at: https://thecriticaldice.com/products/endless-bag-of-dice-dice-subscription Grab a free credit for one audiobook of your choice at: https://www.audibletrial.com/lawfulstupid Our Episodes are now edited and produced by the amazing Ging! Check more of his work out here: https://soundcloud.com/zack-sheppard
1 hr 10 min
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