#8 - A Cannabis Economist’s View on Legalization in Europe - Natalia Janusz from Idea Listka
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On this episode Tom is having a chat with Natalia Janusz, a cannabis economist and activist based in Poland. Natalia has been fighting for the legalization of cannabis for years through her work at Wolne Konopie, her political engagements and her research. Natalia shares her views on the current and future state of cannabis in Europe as well as the economic and social benefits of cannabis legalization.

Other topics discusses:

  • How did Natalia end up becoming a cannabis economist?
  • What is Wolne Konopie?
  • What is happening in Europe right now in regards to cannabis legalization? 
  • What countries are leading the cannabis reform?
  • What are the EU laws on the allowed amount of THC in hemp?
  • How will legalization of cannabis look like in Europe?
  • What are the positive and negative consequences of legalizing cannabis?
  • Is legalizing cannabis protecting or endangering children and teenagers?
  • What are the current cannabis market trends in Europe?
  • Is the cannabis market in Europe saturated?
  • How to enter the cannabis industry as a beginner?
  • Why is Europe taking this long to legalize?
  • What is the relationship between the coronavirus crisis and cannabis prohibition?

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Wolne Konopie

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