#95 - The Mindset Required To Succeed in RE Investing w/Rene Masse
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Gary chats with Rene Masse, a Kingston Ontario based real estate investor, speaker, entrepreneur and contractor who has been crushing the market for years. Gary’s FB post asking for recommendations for the Kingston area came back unanimously mentioning Rene! Gary and Rene chatted about morning routines, how to set  your day up for success; the role of positive mindset; the 2 unit conversion process; what the Kingston market looks like right now, after having caught fire in 2018, and more. Rene describes himself as a ‘man with a voice’, who occupies many different roles, including property manager.


  • Why morning routines can jump start your productivity and set you up for SUCCESS!
  • Why it’s NOT ‘timing the market’, it’s ‘time IN the market’ that leads to massive real estate wealth
  • Why Rene’s eyes opened at age 14 about the difference between ‘work’ and real estate investing
  • How growing up with tenants help him refine his people skills and decide to start a property management company
  • Why he feels first time investors should learn how to screen tenants
  • Why the *right* property management/manager is CRITICAL
  • Why you either ‘manage your tenants, or manage your property managers’
  • Why real estate investing is ‘more about people…’ than bricks and mortar
  • Why Rene needs structure to his day, but the best way is ‘to create your own structure, and the best time to do it is first thing in the morning’
  • During this pandemic, Rene feels it’s important to ‘feed your body, exercise but also feed your brain!’
  • Why consuming social media before positive thoughts can start your day out on the wrong foot
  • Why both Rene and Gary are ‘selfish’ in the morning, spending time building themselves up with exercise and brain food
  • Why faith and belief help you build something that is not there yet - real estate empire, lifestyle, etc
  • Why what you believe manifests as reality
  • Why YOU should read the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People
  • The vacancy rate, price points of real estate and rents of the Kingston market REVEALED!
  • The costs of converting to a 2 unit
  • Why immigration is a key to success - Kingston is a hot market because of schooling or lifestyle
  • Success is ‘focus and self-discipline’
  • And MORE!


Quote from Warren Buffett: “Be greedy when people are fearful, and fearful when people are greedy.”

Rene’s Bio

After the 2008 stock market crash, René was fed up with volatile markets and poor returns on his retirement savings. In 2009, René acquired training and licensure as a real estate investor and began purchasing investment properties while continuing to operate his business as a contractor.  Over as little as 5 years, his monthly cash flow grew substantially so that he was able to significantly reduce his time spent at work in exchange for time spent with his family.  René has since supported friends and family members in their own real estate investments for similar high, stable returns. Website/contact info for guest

Web: www.renemasse.com or https://www.getbetterreturns.ca/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Dg6T_v790FSizV4q48qug?view_as=subscriber

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