Smarter Trading
Smarter Trading
May 17, 2021
Anne-Marie Baiynd — Patience, process, and placing trades on your own terms
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Anne-Marie Baiynd joins us in Episode 4 of Smarter Trading to share her insights from nearly 20 years trading futures, stocks, and options. We discuss her dynamic strategy of analyzing the battle of supply and demand across multiple time-frames.

We also get into techniques to avoid beating yourself up as a trader when you’re having a bad day, why it’s important to enter trades on your own terms, and why being able to do nothing and sit on your hands is a superpower for traders. Please enjoy this episode!

Key learning points

  • Most traders observe then act but they miss a critical step of orienting
  • Price action supply and demand rules all markets
  • The ability to simply wait is such an important skill for a trader to acquire
  • Why Anne-Marie always assumes she’s wrong when she enters a trade
  • How to avoid and manage the internal negative self trader talk
  • Why the market is essentially a long vehicle
  • Why it’s important to enter trades on your own terms
  • Don’t be all in or out, take partial entries or exits
  • Manage risk so you can survive to learn over the long haul
  • Why it’s so important to set realistic expectations

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Show Notes

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:10 Anne-Marie’s background: Mathematics and human decision making
  • 8:30 The ooda loop and how Anne-Marie uses it in her trading
  • 14:00 Anne Marie’s futures trading
  • 19:40 How to not beat yourself up and let emotions take over
  • 27:00 How Anne Marie plans a stock trade
  • 33:20 Being early to a pullback or correction
  • 39:20 Futures trading structure and technique
  • 44:00 The significance of weekly and monthly closes
  • 47:40 Successful trading by improving the underlying process
  • 51:40 Setting realistic expectations

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