Small Changes Big Shifts with Dr. Michelle Robin
Ep. 101: Dr. Phil Carson
Sep 24, 2017 · 19 min
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Imagine you are running a successful company for decades and then you lose it all. What would you do? This happened to Dr. Phil Carson and he is now the epitome of starting over and picking yourself back up.

Dr. Phil ran a pharmacy practice and then lost it all and what was the one thing that turned his life around after this happened? A book on natural medicine. In school, he had learned about the history of natural medicine but never the application of it until this book. Having suffered from digestive issues for a while and treating them with anti-acids and medications, he didn’t find relief until he went back to the root cause and used natural remedies. Now Dr. Phil takes the natural medicine approach and helps others feel better.

He is a Health and Wellness consultant, whose two biggest tips are as simple and straight forward as they come: drink more water and forgive. Dr. Phil calls it “soul sickness” when we are so hard on ourselves and others and don’t forgive quick enough. He has decades of experience with helping treated others and believes it all starts with how we treat ourselves.

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