Sleepy Computer
Sleepy Computer
Jul 20, 2020
The Justice Tombola
Play • 54 min

We're excited to get our hands on a new version of the AI, and we're using it to great effect this week in creating a new murder mystery story. Can a famous detective get to the bottom of things? Can a guest resist eating everyone? Will we get to chant Chase the Sun? These are all valid questions.

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Sleepy Computer is a podcast where the computer writes jokes for our brain. We use AI on artificial computers that give "brain stories", and we read out the  random stories while  the music plays - using the same algorithm that's writing this paragraph. In today’s episode the music was written by Blue Dot Sessions. We call it "Sleepy Computer" because the  random computer-made  jokes are similar to the ones that humans  make when we're dreaming. Each episode, it will  randomly generate  a  new story. We're told  by the computer what to say next, and although we do not dictate the topic or the  meaning of the story, we'll selectively delete bad ideas or  sentences if we think  they're not funny anymore or they take us too far from the original  story. The stories are about 90% generated by the computer itself, and  our 10% input is mainly grammar.

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