Episode 198: What Makes This Song Great? Ep.12 Fleetwood Mac (new)
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The Guitar Hour Podcast
The Guitar Hour Podcast
David Beebee, Tom Quayle, Dan Smith & Jake Willson
151: Visualising the Fretboard with Solo App & 2021 Plans
Beebee and Tom finally spill the beans about “Solo”, their brand new app for developing fretboard visualization. They talk through what it is, how it works and how it came to life. Solo is available for iOS and yes yes yes, Android is coming! The episode morphs into a more general take on the concept of fretboard visualisation before the guys discuss their plans for the new year ahead. This week's Patreon edit: Tom ducks our for an early night leaving the remaining rogues to contemplate building community, discord, socialising and loneliness as a musician. Deep! If you enjoy the show please consider supporting the podcast over on Patreon, where you can get some fantastic extra TGHP content! You can also now pick up t-shirts, mugs and other merch from our TeeSpring store. Episode Links Solo - Tom & Beebee’s New Fretboard Visualization App solotrainer.app Tom’s tutorial on Visualizing the Fretboard Beebee’s Pathways to Jazz Courses This Little Slice - Cheryl’s Amazing Cakes TGHP Show Links Patreon TeeSpring Merch Store Instagram www.theguitarhour.com Facebook Discussion Group YouTube Old Live stream on Tom’s YT channel Beebs www.davidbeebee.com Instagram YouTube Fibenare Guitars Quayle www.tomquayle.co.uk Tom - Instagram Tom's Signature Ibanez Guitar Wampler Pedals Jake Willson www.jakewillson.co.uk Instagram Fibenare Guitars Dan Smith www.dansmithguitarist.co.uk Instagram YouTube
1 hr 9 min
Recording Studio Rockstars
Recording Studio Rockstars
Lij Shaw
RSR281 - Billy Decker - New Book Template Mixing & Mastering
My guest today is Billy Decker a Nashville producer, engineer, and mixer with multiple #1 hits for clients like Chris Young, Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, Jason Aldean, Jaime Lynne Spears, and Sam Hunt and even George Jones. Billy is known for his high-speed method of mixing using templates and systems for getting to the creative side of mixing immediately without getting bogged down in the tech side of mixing. He was a guest on the podcast previously on episode RSR210 and recently he has written a new book called Template Mixing and Mastering. So today we will dig deeper into Billy’s template mixing and get an introduction to what you will find in his new book. I highly recommend that you pick up the book since he does a wonderful job of breaking down every detail beautifully with images and charts to help you set up your own template for mixing in your studio. Thanks to our sponsors! Soundporter Mastering: Get your free mastering demo at https://www.soundporter.com JZ Microphones: Use coupon ROCKSTARS to get 50% off The BB29 mic at JZmic.com Spectra1964: https://www.spectra1964.com OWC: Other World Computing: https://www.OWC.com iZotope: iZotope.com/Rockstars code ROCK10 10% off ADAM Audio: https://www.adam-audio.com RSR Academy: http://RSRockstars.com/Academy Want to learn more about mixing? Get Free mix training with Lij at: http://MixMasterBundle.com Hear more on Spotify If you love the podcast, then please Leave a review on iTunes here CLICK HERE FOR SHOW NOTES AT: http://RSRockstars.com/281
2 hr 4 min
hanging out with audiophiles
hanging out with audiophiles
hanging out with audiophiles
Kieran Hebden is one of the most uniquely talented UK electronic artists working today. He’s produced a wonderful stack of LPS and a remixed some of the best, from Aphex to Radiohead to Jamie Lidell. He’s walked an unconventional path but the seemingly strange choices of gear and methods he’s landed on are all very much considered. He is literally building a physical line of records that will stand as his legacy and that’s at the forefront of his thinking. There’s this drive to be finishing music and finding ways to keep inspired and making the whole thing feel free and live. He finds an amazing balance in his work between meticulousness and chaos. The collaborations with Jazz legend Steve Reid in particular showed how live electronics could be just that. LIVE! Messy, ever changing and satisfyingly intense. Unsurprisingly, he works best outside the traditional music making spaces, favouring his home and small, manageable setups over the monster rooms. Minimal amount of gear but huge amounts of vinyl!!!! We toured the states in 2005. I was opening for Kieran and it was a hell of a run. I’ve very fond memories of that time. He’s a super smart and warm man that is the only person I know that plays cool edit like a violin. Please welcome onto hanging out with audiophiles Four Tet! ______________ Music on the show comes from Colin Fry. Find his music here. Kams on Metr music. Find the goodies here! METR MUSIC Website | Soundcloud | Bandcamp ______________ In the nitty I delve in the beautifully noisy needlescape that can be made with the Gakken toy record maker ! Lots of fun but I fried mine somehow though power issues. This nitty was the last time it shall be heard. Shame. I was just getting the hang of it. Here’s a link if you fancy building one (instructions in Japanese ______________ Special thanks to Jake Aron for this tremendous help getting the interview sounding good and building a new vocal chain. I love the changes. Love Jake! If you need mix/production work he’s your guy. So talented and great to work with Find him here jakearon.net ______________ Thank you also to the show sponsors Spectrasonics Makers of SERIOUS soft synth magic! Check them out! https://www.spectrasonics.net Check these ace YouTube sessions to see the quality and the sheer playing! It’s wild KEYSCAPE TRILIAN 1.5 So good! HAPPY HOLS TO ALL OF YOU!!
2 hr 23 min
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