Trends in Podcast Content with Delia Peterson EP 56
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Today I’m talking to a new SoundAdvice team member Delia Peterson. She helps us with written content to support the podcasts we edit and publish for clients. She also does this for the Impact Theory podcasts, all 5 of them, among her other clients.  

A mutual friend and business peer Diane Luzny connected us and Delia being the go-getter she is, reached out and we hopped on a call and talked like we were old friends. She’s the founder of The Written Podcast Agency and is here to talk podcast notes and supporting content.   

Delia approaches her writing from a place of creativity. She’s a non-fiction creative writer which is perfect for podcasts.  

She started by interviewing others for her own podcast (that she didn’t want to admit was really a podcast) and fell in love with the research and writing. She realized she could take the wisdom and insights they shared and add context and resources to create something that was actionable.  

Since she’s all about action, she shared the key aspects she considers important for the notes she writes:  

  • The information has to be compelling to the reader.  
  • How can we highlight the guest in the best way?  
  • Understand the goal of the podcaster – who are they serving.  
  • Build a community to have and share value.  

She also shared her favorite trend. YouTube. (See our post about that here) She uses YouTube chapters so the audience can quickly find the part of the content that is most relevant to them. 

Delia also shared how to “listen differently” when you are creating your notes. It’s about the conversation to be sure but pay attention to the comments or the info that sparked an idea or an unexpected topic.  

Know your keywords. Here’s her tip to help you find ideas to tie back to your content. Google your keyword or phrase and see the titles that come up. Get ideas for framing your content in a way that would show up in that type of search. This is genius and something anyone can do.  

Delia’s #soundadvice: Be you.  

She explained that she used to try to minimize her high energy to help others feel comfortable or stay quiet when she wanted to speak up. No more! She is unapologetically being the real Delia and has never been happier. That’s a great bit of inspiration we can all appreciate. 

The Delia I’m getting to know is smart and fun and generous. Bonus: she let our listeners know to reach out and connect. She’s open to helping, answering questions, and meeting other smart, interesting people. No sales pitch or agenda just a great chance to create connection. I hope you take her up on it!  

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