Why You Should Publish Your Podcast on YouTube EP 55
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If you have a podcast, it’s time to get it on YouTube.  

For some time now we’ve been advising our clients to put their podcast on YouTube. No video required. It’s now a part of our podcast start set up process.  

If you host with Libsyn (use code: soundadvice to get a month for free) you can link your YouTube channel and when you publish a new episode it will go to all the apps and to YouTube.  

How-to-info to link your show to YouTube on Libsyn. 

It shows up in about 4 hours or so after publishing. We also create an episode image and upload that when we schedule the podcast. That way, the image that shows up on YouTube is specific to that episode. If you don’t have artwork to upload, it will use your podcast cover image.  

Why YouTube and why now?  

In 2019 Edison research shared that 40% of podcasts had listens on YouTube. In 2020 YouTube was the number one place for podcast searches. That bested both Apple Podcasts and Spotify, the previous 1 and 2 search choices. 

YouTube is the content app of choice for some people, and they use it for all types of content, not just video.  

You might be surprised to learn that YouTube just launched their own podcast! It’s called The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy. Just 5 episodes in when I recorded our episode. 

Audio has become a bigger focus for the platform. They are looking to align with the rising social audio trends. Which brings me to ask, why aren’t you?  

In 2020 YouTube reported that music streaming was bigger than ever. Over 77 million people subscribe to the YouTube Music platform. It’s clear that audio-only content offerings are popular on the platform.  

YouTube is paying attention and jumping into the action. Audio content is here to stay. The key for creators is to make sure users can find them on their preferred platform. For many, that’s YouTube.  

Not on Libsyn? No problem, here’s a short video showing you how to convert your mp3 audio files to mp4 video files. There are a number of ways to do this without needing any expensive software.  

I suggest the Chrome plugin Convertio. It’s free and easy to use.  

If you’d like help with your podcast strategy, send an email to podcast@ soundadvicestrategies.com  


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