Open sourcing LinkedIn's Derived Data Platform | Felix GV (LinkedIn)
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What's it like to open source an internal project at a big tech company like LinkedIn? When should a company open source a project and what are the benefits and challenges that come along with it? If you want to open source an internal project, how should you go about advocating for it?

Félix is a Principal Staff Engineer at LinkedIn where he works on the data infrastructure team that builds Venice. Venice is a distributed derived data store which LinkedIn open sourced in the fall of 2022.

He joins the show to chat about his experiences leading the open source efforts for Venice, as well as his thoughts on balancing leadership with execution, delegating responsibility and fostering a culture of ownership, and growth within a team.


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[0:01:36] Introduction 

[0:02:32] Career Choices and Job Satisfaction 

[0:08:34] Understanding Venice: LinkedIn's Distributed Derived Data Store 

[0:22:37] The Journey of Open-Sourcing Venice 

[0:26:36] Understanding the Business Perspective of Open Source Systems 

[0:30:28] How and when to advocate for open-sourcing an internal project 

[0:39:32] Challenges and Strategies in Open Source Project Maintenance 

[0:46:40] Balancing Leadership and Execution in Engineering Roles

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