Ep. 106 - Make TikToks Not Ads: How Brands Should Leverage the Platform of 2020 | Inam Mahmood and Abi Clarke - TikTok UK
56 min

When TikTok first stepped on the scene, cynics called it a passing fad. It’s only been two years since Musical.ly merged into TikTok and the platform has fast become the gold standard for content creation. In this episode, we’re joined by TikTok’s managing director of global business solutions, Inam Mahmood, and Abi Clarke, a stand-up comedian who has shot to fame on the platform over lockdown. Between the two of them, they provide a comprehensive look at TikTok for brands and creators. We discuss how TikTok’s algorithm works, how to find creators to partner with and the tangible impact of UGC. From breakdowns of the best TikTok campaigns to the power of the platform’s comment section, we find out everything you need to know to make your mark on the hottest platform of the year.

The Future of Work With Jacob Morgan
The Future of Work With Jacob Morgan
Jacob Morgan
How The President Of Microsoft U.S. Leads With Courage & Empathy
Kate Johnson is President of Microsoft US, a $45 billion division including all of Microsoft’s solutions, services, and support revenues across public and private sectors in the United States. Kate is responsible for a team of 10,000 people and she is currently very involved in Microsoft’s culture journey led by CEO Satya Nadella. Prior to Microsoft Kate served as the Chief Commercial Officer for GE Digital. She has held several key senior leadership roles at GE, Oracle, Red Hat, and Deloitte Consulting. With the chaotic state of the world right now we need leaders who are courageous and empathetic. One leader who truly understands how to lead with both courage and empathy in these challenging times is Kate Johnson, the President of Microsoft US. Leaders can’t just stay where they are comfortable anymore, they have to be willing to take a risk and own all the consequences. They have to be open, transparent, and vulnerable. They have a deep understanding of their people and their customers. When the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, first approached Kate she was working for GE and felt very loyal to the company. She had no intentions of leaving the company. But she couldn’t turn down a meeting with Satya. And the reason she ended up making the move was because of something he said. When Kate had asked Satya about his philosophy around culture he said that Carol Dweck was one of his personal coaches and he spoke of how a growth mindset has the ability to unlock the purpose of a company and the potential of the people. Hearing that Kate knew there was alignment from the top to the bottom of Microsoft and she jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. How to lead with courage Most people probably think about courageous leadership as guns blazing in the heat of the battle or a leader who is invincible and strong. But Kate’s definition is a bit different than that. She says, “One of the things that we've been learning is the connection between courage and vulnerability. So everybody thinks if you're courageous, that you have no weakness. You are strong, they picture warriors, you know, with lots of armor and heading off. That's not what courageous leadership is. Courageous leadership is the willingness to activate the troops and own the outcome, but also to do so bringing all of your strengths and weaknesses to the table with total transparency and clarity, and kind of owning work with that and figuring out how to assemble the team to bolster wherever there are weaknesses. And that's a different kind of leadership that I think is essential today. One example Kate shared of how she is living out courageous leadership has to do with the training she has been going through with her team. Kate asked Brene Brown to help 140 leaders in her division. During this learning journey the whole group went to Alabama to spend time with the famed Harvard attorney Bryan Stevenson to talk about race in America. The group read his book and then spent a few hours talking with him. They were so shocked and moved by what he said they decided they needed to learn more. Kate asked Bryan to speak at the Microsoft Sales Kickoff, which was a great success. Not only did he receive two standing ovations from the entire US team but it opened up some great conversations about race. Kate and her team decided to go together--7,000 people across 42 movie theaters to see the movie Just Mercy. Throughout this year she has reached out to her team to ask what she can do to address racial inequalities and racial tensions. She has opened up some tough conversations and pushed the organization to do better. This is what courageous leadership is. When asked what courageous leadership looks like Kate said, “There's a million different examples that I could give to you. But the one that resonates most frequently, is when you see a person trying to get it right, instead of trying to be right. She mentioned how Microsoft used to be a company of “know it alls” but now, under Satya’s leadership it has become a company of “learn it alls”. “And a learn it all is somebody who has no preconceived notion of what the answer is, and is all about creating an inclusive process to go get that answer. Courageous leaders show up like that every single day, versus one that isn't so courageous as one that walks into the room, thinking they know the answer, and thinking that their job is to convince everybody else what the answer is. And it's that get it right versus think you're right.” Balancing family and work A lot of leaders struggle with balancing work and personal life. There is sometimes a struggle for female leaders specifically who may be pressured by society or a boss to pick between an executive role and a family life, thinking both can’t be possible. But as Kate shows, it is definitely possible to be a successful leader and a great parent and spouse. But it takes work and intentionality. Kate says it all comes down to making sacrifices. And she has a practice in place that really helps her put up boundaries. She gives her kids her calendar at the beginning of the year and they get to block out important dates, whether it is a school recital or a sports tournament or graduation. And then her team knows that those dates are spoken for. There are also certain work black out dates which she knows she has to be present at work for. And it’s when some of the dates overlap that all parties have to come together to find a solution. But it all works out. Kate says, “I've always balanced it. And I've always enjoyed both roles. And the more that I can be the same person, as I play both roles, you know, mom to Owen and Jake and leader of MSUS, being the same authentic person with same quality, same sense of humor, same flaws, same pros and cons that's when I know I'm doing it right.” Kate’s advice for female leaders Kate admits that when she first started as a leader she said no to her family more than she did to work, because she felt like she had something to prove and she had to show she was willing to work hard. She didn’t have confidence that her boss would understand if she said no to work. But she had a wake up call from a boss one time. Kate’s boss asked her one day, “if you didn’t show up to work tomorrow, do you know what would happen?” and Kate said, “I don’t know, what?” and her boss replied “nothing”. The sun will still come up tomorrow whether or not you are here. She learned that it is okay to say no to work. People will understand. As long as when you are at work you work hard and you have a good reputation, no one is going to think you are lazy if you say no from time to time. It’s okay to say no. In fact, Kate says saying no to some things will probably help you raise the quality of your game and the places where you do say yes. And this is not something she just practices herself, she coaches her people to say no too. She actually sent a note out this past month to remind her team to say no more often, especially to things like internal meetings where it doesn’t really bring any value to customers. The key to saying no is providing an alternative. If you have to say no to a meeting maybe someone else at your level can attend, or maybe the meeting can be moved, or perhaps they could tape the meeting for you so you can keep up to date. How Microsoft is focusing on empathy The purpose and mission of Microsoft is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. In order to do that they understand they have to prioritize empathy. Kate says empathy is just deep understanding. In order to serve their customers employees need to know how to be empathetic and how to immerse themselves in the needs of their clients. Kate truly believes that, “our empathic muscle is directly tied to how much share we can grab in the cloud market.” So they practice empathy every single day. Microsoft lea…
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The Reader's Journey
The Reader's Journey
Alex & Books
14. Nir Eyal: How To Become Indistractable & Control Your Attention
My guest today is Nir Eyal, the author of Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. Nir Eyal is a bestselling author, former Stanford lecturer, and behavioral design expert. In Indistractable, Nir explains the hidden psychology behind distractions and shares practical advice on how to get the best out of technology without letting it get the best of us. In our conversation, Nir talks about what really drives human behavior,  what to do when you get distracted, how to prevent distractions such as email and smartphones, how to raise kids to use technology properly, and much more.   *TIMESTAMPS:* * [00:43] - What it means to be Indistractable   * [03:17] - Why discomfort is the root cause of our distraction * [05:33] - The opposite of distraction is traction * [10:14] - Why you shouldn't shame or blame yourself when you get distracted * [15:17] - The role of willpower and mindset in minimizing distractions * [17:46] - How knowing your values & planning ahead helps avoid distractions * [22:51] - Greg McKeown & Essentialism * [24:11] - How to hack back emails * [31:17] - How to hack back your smartphone * [36:22] - How to make your kids Indistractable * [41:50] - Kids & social media * [43:48] - Two books that had a big impact on Nir Eyal[ Learn more about the author: * Twitter: @nireyal * Website: nirandfar.com *** If you enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe & write a positive review. Every week, I send out a free weekly newsletter with actionable advice from amazing books. Join 3,000+ readers here. *Connect with Alex & Books:* * Twitter: @alexandbooks_ * Instagram: @alexandbooks_ * YouTube: Alex and Books
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Badass Digital Nomads
Badass Digital Nomads
Kristin Wilson
One of the First Digital Nomads From Africa: Agnes Nyamwange
Agnes Nyamwange is one of the first digital nomads from Kenya, Africa. Learn how she accomplished this feat and how you can become a digital nomad, too - even if you're from a developing country. She also shares how she makes money online, how to save money money to travel and score local prices in African countries, tips for solo travelers, how to get cheap co-working and internet at luxury hotels, and much more of what she has learned in her years of traveling the world as a digital nomad. You'll also like this episode if you're interested in how to get a study visa in the US, how to quit your corporate job if you feel burnt out, and how to invent your own digital nomad job. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: * How to become a digital nomad when you’re from a developing country * What it's like becoming a digital nomad in Africa * How to shift from corporate America to having a location independent business * How to heal from work-related burnout * How to save money money to travel full-time * How safe is solo travel? * How to combat discrimination in the workplace and while traveling * How to deal with office politics while working remotely * How to make friends as a digital nomad * How she became featured in a digital nomad documentary ....................................................................................................... Send money from anywhere in the world with Transferwise. Get a free transfer up to £500 at TravelingwithKristin.com/Transferwise. ........................................................................................................ Travel in Africa and South America: * Club scene in Nigeria * Where to visit in Kenya * Things to do in West Africa * Ghana * Senegal * Ivory Coast * Malaga, Spain as a digital nomad and travel destination * Bolivia's Cost of Living * Travel Hacks like how to save money working from hotel coworking spaces EPISODE RESOURCES AND SHOW NOTES * Roamers Digital Nomad Documentary Movie * MBO Partners Study on Digital Nomads * Stay at Selina in La Paz, Bolivia * Get Google Fi for your phone * Nomad Cruise for Digital Nomads Related Podcast Episodes: * The Maverick Show Episode 46: Undocumented, Detained and Deported: Becoming a Full-Time Nomad on a Kenyan Passport with Agnes Nyamwange * Retire Early on FIRE with Nomad on Fire * How to Make Money Blogging with Tom Kuegler * How to Make Money Blogging with Anthony Moore * Closing the Remote Work Gender Wage Gap with Tortuga Backpacks Travel to Dubai as a Digital Nomad: * Burj Khalifa Dubai * Dubai Digital Nomad Visa * Join the Nomad Cruise Related videos about the Digital Nomad Lifestyle: * Nomad Cruise Vlog * About the Nomad Cruise * Digital Nomads in Santorini, Greece ....................................................................................................... WORK WITH KRISTIN: * Book a private consultation * Join the Make Money Mentorship 6-week program (Special offer for podcast listeners $100 off) * Relocate abroad with Orbis Relocation or Poker Refugees Support the Badass Digital Nomads Podcast: * Become a Patron for $5 per month * Leave a 5* Review: https://lovethepodcast.com/digitalnomad * Leave a voice message * Submit a question or recommend a guest (feedback survey) * Buy new Badass Digital Nomads Merch (Teespring.com/Stores/TravelingwithKristin) Connect on Social Media: * Follow on Instagram * Subscribe to Traveling with Kristin on YouTube * Subscribe to Digital Nomad TV on YouTube * Join the Badass Digital Nomads Facebook Group Podcast descriptions may contain affiliate links of products and services we use and recommend at no additional cost to you.
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Keys To The Shop : Equipping Coffee Retail Professionals
Keys To The Shop : Equipping Coffee Retail Professionals
Chris Deferio
252 : Founder Friday w/ Klaus Thompson of the Coffee Collective, Denmark!
I am thrilled to present this amazing conversation w/ Klaus Thompson to you all today! The Coffee Collective is at the top of a very short list of the world's best and most influential roasters. Today's guest, Klaus Thompson, is not only a Danish barista champion but is also the 2006 World Barista Champion. In 2007 Klaus, along with his co-founders Peter N. Dupont and Casper Engel Rasmussen, founded the Coffee Collective with a mission to build a different kind of coffee business from the ground up. One the focused on sustainability and hospitality both at the farm and in the cafe. For the last 13 years they have been growing the company slowly, responsibly, and are what many consider the vanguard of direct trade, transparent business practices, and the epitome of quality from seed to cup. Today they have a thriving wholesale business, global web store, and 6 amazing retail locations, and continue their positive impact on the specialty coffee industry. Of course, you don't get to this level without challenges, grit, determination, and lessons learned along the way. In this conversation we get an inside look into the story of the Coffee Collective from the first day until now and Klaus truly delivers some great insights and wisdom that we would do well to follow. We discuss: * What it took to get started * The goal of transforming the way coffee business is done * Challenges in the early years * Site selection and lessons from failures * The value of starting small * How retail fueled wholesale * Creating a practical and personalized space * Scaling the business and engaging customers * Becoming more professional * Prioritizing areas of the business * Approach to sustainability * Become a B-Corp * Their long term goal and why it is never about profit Links: www.coffeecollective.dk Coffee Collective on Instagram Coffee Collective Youtube channel Related Episodes: 242 : A Conversation with James Hoffmann 196 : Understanding Customer Preferences w/ Peter Giuliano 118 : Founder Friday w/ Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters founders, Phil Robertson and Sebastian Sztabzyb 145: Founder Friday w/ Red Rooster Coffee Roasters co-founder, Haden Polseno-Hensley Starting a shop -or- want to level up you operations? KTTS Consulting can help! | Email me: Chris@keystotheshop.com The BEST in commercial coffee equipment! www.prima-coffee.com/keys Want the best plant based beverage for your coffee drinks? www.pacificfoods.com/food-service
1 hr 7 min
David Senra
#156 Theodore Roosevelt
What I learned from reading Mornings on Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt Subscribe to continue listening and gain access to all full episodes. What other people are saying: “Uniquely outstanding. No fluff and all substance. David does an outstanding job summarizing these biographies and hones in on the elements that make his subjects so unique among entrepreneurs. I particularly enjoy that he focuses on both the founder’s positive and negative characteristics as a way of highlighting things to mimic and avoid.” “Without a doubt, the highest value-to-cost ratio I’ve taken advantage of in the last year is the Founders podcast premium feed. Tap into eons of knowledge and experiences, condensed into digestible portions, for roughly the cost of a takeout meal. Highly, highly recommend. “I just paid for my first premium podcast subscription for Founders podcast. Learning from those who came before us is one of the highest value ways to invest time. David does his homework and exponentially improves my efficiency by focusing on the most valuable lessons.” “I haven’t found a better return on my time and money than your podcast for inspiration and time-tested wisdom to help me on my journey. “It is worth every penny. I cannot put into words how fantastic this podcast is. Just stop reading this and get the full access.” “Reading a biography is a privilege that condenses a life's journey, all its lessons, loves AND mistakes into 20 odd hours of reading. Here David condenses many of the best and intriguing Bios into 1-2 hours. Presented organically and thoughtfully with full book links and show notes for ease. Subscribe right away!” Subscribe to continue listening and gain access to all full episodes.
32 min
Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of World-Class Performers
Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of World-Class Performers
Tim Ferriss
BJ Miller
This episode features the profile of BJ Miller from Tools of Titans, which is now available as an audiobook. This chapter's narrators are Kaleo Griffith (bio) and Ray Porter (profile). To check out the full audiobook of Tools of Titans with 100+ chapters, visit audible.com/ferriss. BJ Miller (@bjmillermd) is a hospice and palliative care physician who has worked in many settings, inpatient, outpatient, and home, and now sees patients and families at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. BJ also acted as executive director for the Zen Hospice Project for five years, learning about the administration of health care and how difficult it can be for patients and families to find the care they need. He speaks all over the country and beyond on the theme of living well in the face of death. He has been featured in The New York Times and interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, Tim Ferriss, and Krista Tippett. BJ lives in Mill Valley with his chosen fur family, Maysie, the Muffin Man, and Darkness, and loves exploring nature — including human — especially from any two-wheeled vehicle (or four). *** The audiobooks of Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors can be found at audible.com/ferriss If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts? Sign up for Tim’s email newsletter (“5-Bullet Friday”) at tim.blog/email. Follow Tim: Twitter: twitter.com/tferriss Instagram: instagram.com/timferriss Facebook: facebook.com/timferriss YouTube: youtube.com/timferriss
16 min
The Small Business Show
The Small Business Show
Shannon Jean & Dave Hamilton
Evan Samet - Perseverance in the Time of Covid
There’s nothing better than having a Small Business Show listener reach out to us with a request to be on the show. Recently, we were contacted by a listener via LinkedIn with a compelling message about his experience starting and selling a Small Business and about the challenges of being in the ticketing and live event business that was completely shut down due to Covid. Evan Samet founded TicketInsider in 2013 and after experiencing significant success, he sold the company in 2018. Evan is now the VP of Purchase and Marketing at Key Investment Group, another ticketing and VIP experience company. Join your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton as we take a deep dive into the ticketing and live event business to learn how they are surviving during Covid and their plans to thrive once live events return.  00:00:00 Small Business Show #304 for Wednesday, November 25, 2020 Please…Review The Small Business Show Evan Samet, Founder of TicketINsider, Vice President of Purchasing & Marketing at Key Investment Group A surprise 100% return for tickets at Toad’s Place starts a business! They canceled Wimbledon! Stop and ask: What does your company actually do? 00:13:11 SPONSOR: Issuu. The All-In-One Tool To Create & Distribute Great-Looking Content. Get Issuu for free or get 50% off a Premium account. Both at Issuu.com/podcast with promo code SBS. 00:15:13 SPONSOR: TextExpander lets you be both efficient and accurate. TextExpander.com/podcast gets you 20% off your first year! The live entertainment business returns? Marc Geiger Claustrophobia Economy Here comes the Roaring Twenties! Hiring advice: Find people smarter than you Always work on your business skills Know that you’re valuable elsewhere We Love Mistakes! Mistake: Don’t always be the expert Advice: Have another stream of revenue SBS 304 Outtro Find Evan Samet on LinkedIn
49 min
Entrepreneur Stories 4 Inspiration
Entrepreneur Stories 4 Inspiration
Millionaire Interviews Podcast & Austin Peek
196: How a Shark Tank Contestant Battles thru Rejection, Lawsuits, & ❤️... Lori Cheek of Cheekd
Lori Cheek is an architect turned entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO of Cheekd, a mobile dating app that makes missed connections obsolete. Cheekd uses a cross-platform low energy Bluetooth technology, which fosters hyper local engagement. The app connects people in real time, versus virtual time. After working in architecture, Lori came up with an idea that led her into the NYC World of Tech and solving missed connections. Join our 🔥 Facebook Group to meet other listeners of the podcast: facebook.com/groups/mipvips. This Episode is Sponsored By: * Believe In People by Charles Koch and Brian Hooks is the collected stories of social entrepreneurs who created uncommon solutions for the common good. For anyone in the country looking right now and thinking there has to be a better way, this book is for you. Preorder the book today at millionaire-interviews.com/bipbook and gain access to bonus content ahead of its Nov 17th publication. * Guideline provides affordable 401(k) plans for small businesses and startups. Monthly fees start at only $39 plus $8 for each employee and they integrate with popular payroll providers. For a limited time and for eligible employers only, if you go to millionaire-Interviews.com/guideline, you can get $100 gift card as long as you do not currently offer a 401(k) plan for your employees. * You may have heard of other entrepreneur groups such as EO, Vistage, and YPO. But why join them if you can get the same benefits, at a fraction of the price, by joining our Patreon Membership? In Year 1 of those other groups you're going to pay $4,900, $18,810, & $7,050 respectively. Our Gold Patreon Membership will ONLY cost you $30/month. Join us today at millionaire-interviews.com/patreon * Mr. XYZ is getting ten times more out of becoming our Patreon rather than being a member of another international organization with a $700 monthly fee. With just $30 per month as a Patreon member, you get to access exclusive interviews, one-on-one calls, and group calls by signing up today at: millionaire-interviews.com/patreon Want to Support the Show? Well we'd love for you to join our Patreon Group! What's in it for you? Well you'll instantly get a scheduled call from Austin, where he'll help you with your current or future business... Sign-Up Now at millionaire-interviews.com/patreon. 😀😎😍 *** For Show Notes, Key Points, Contact Info, Resources Mentioned, & the Fabulous 4 Questions on this episode visit our website: Lori Cheek Interview. *** Support this Podcast via Patreon Feedback? Questions? Comments? We would love to hear from you! Hollar at us via: Facebook Group (@MiPViPs), or Twitter (@acpeek or @millionairepod), Instagram (@millionaire_interviews), LinkedIn (@austincpeek), Facebook (@millionaireinterviews), or Email: austin@millionaire-interviews.com. 😎😍😀
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