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The Sober Edge
Apr 19, 2023
Alcohol-Free and Unstoppable: An Ironman's Story with Buck Robinson
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Today I am hanging out with an actual Iron Man! 

Buck Robinson has laced up his shoes and will be participating in Iron Man Lake Placid and he will be sponsored by Athletic Brewing. None of this would have been possible just a few years ago when he found himself using alcohol instead of exercise as a way to blow off steam at the end of the day.

Buck shares his story on the podcast, including how becoming a parent led to his drinking more and putting fitness on the back burner. During his drinking years, Buck found himself ‘romanticizing’ alcohol and he even considered himself a beer connoisseur.

When Buck turned 49, the universe delivered a harsh message: he found out his birth father had suffered from heart disease and his biological grandfather had died at 49. At the same time, he received a warning from his doctor that his labs indicated he was ‘pre’ everything; pre-diabetic, pre-obese, prehypertension, pre-cirrhosis. 

Since embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle, Buck has returned to fitness, including running, training for an Iron Man and doing some intense fitness challenges, such as running 52 miles for his 52nd birthday! A sober friend, who had been watching his journey, suggested he connect with Athletic Brewing about becoming an ambassador. Not only did they offer him the ambassadorship, but Athletic Brewing is sponsoring him in the Lake Placid Iron Man this summer! 

Here are some of the highlights: Romanticizing Alcohol The self-sabotage of the ‘detox to retox’ cycle Not a fad but a revolution The physical changes are the smallest reward

Full Show Notes Here (including a 20% off link to Athletic Brewing!)

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