Vicki Peterson
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Defying expectations comes naturally to songwriter and guitarist Vicki Peterson of The Bangles.
Tom Rowland Podcast
Tom Rowland Podcast
Tom Rowland
How To Choose A Landing Net For Saltwater Fishing
“What is the best landing net for saltwater fishing?” And “DO I even need a landing net for saltwater fishing?” I got both of these questions recently so I thought I’d dedicate todays episode to giving my 2 cents.  Today we start part 1 of a 2 part series on landing nets. First, I am going to go over the attributes of a landing net that are important to me and why those same attributes may be things you want to consider.  With this in mind, I describe and even say by name the net I consider to be the perfect landing net for me.   Here are some of the things I consider when looking at a net: How big of a net can I fit in my boat? Could I get a bigger net in my boat if it folded? Does the Handle Telescope? What is the net material?  Which material is the best on the fish? Is it strong enough to lift the fish I am trying (or hoping) to catch? Is it made for saltwater? With all this in mind, we go down the retail path of a net and I show you exactly which one I prefer and why. A landing net is a tool that I always keep in my boat. It is a great way to get fish in quickly, which in return leads to a better survival rate when we release fish. A landing net is a great way to release fish as well without even taking them out of the water. In this episode, I go over two of my favorite nets, the Frabill Power Stow and the Trophy Haul. We discuss the things that I like about these nets for certain situations and what size and length will work best for you. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast to be notified when next week’s episode goes live, where we will be discussing how to use these nets. Next week we will discuss the tips and techniques to use your landing net for the most success with getting your fish in the boat. This episode is brought to you by these great sponsors: Barracuda Tackle - Makers of the best cast nets on the market Empire Boat Covers - Protect All The Things You Love - Boat Hammock Stands - Comfortable Boating Awaits - Fishing Points - 30% off A Yearly Subscription - This episode has been brought to you by Waypoint TV. Waypoint is the ultimate outdoor network featuring streaming of full-length fishing and hunting television shows, short films and instructional content, a social media network, Podcast Network. Waypoint is available on Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, IoS devices, Android Devices and at all for FREE! Join the Waypoint Army by following them on Instagram at the following accounts @waypointtv @waypointfish @waypointsalt @waypointboating @waypointhunt @waypointoutdoorcollective Find over 150 full episodes of Saltwater Experience on Waypoint You can follow Tom Rowland on Instagram @tom_rowland and find all episodes and show notes at Learn more about Tom's Television shows by visiting their websites: Saltwater Experience Into the Blue Sweetwater   Contact Tom through email: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast
The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast
The Fretboard Journal
Podcast 302: Steve McCreary, GM of Collings Guitars & Mandolins
Steve McCreary is the GM of Collings Guitars and Mandolins and one of the most respected members of the musical instrument industry. Since joining Collings in 1992, he's helped helm the Austin, Texas-based company's growth into mandolins, electric guitars, and – most recently – their more affordable Waterloo line of instruments. During this lengthy interview, we hear about Steve's unique background (he's a former stonemason), what it was like to work with the late Bill Collings (a larger-than-life character) and how the company is navigating the COVID crisis through 2020 and beyond. We also talk about Collings' ongoing collaboration with guitarist Julian Lage, hear about the '70s and '80s Austin music scene, and a lot more If you enjoy in-depth interviews with the people behind your favorite guitars, we’d love your support. Get a digital subscription to the Fretboard Journal for just $30 (click here) or a keepsake print edition subscription (click here). We know you'll love it. Fretboard Journal #46 just mailed and our next issue will be out in early December 2020. Subscribers also get subscriber-only perks. Previous Collings Interviews: Bill Collings on the Fretboard Journal Podcast (link) Bruce VanWart of Collings on the Fretboard Journal Podcast (link) Our tribute to Bill Collings in the Fretboard Journal magazine (link) The Fretboard Journal Podcast is sponsored by Retrofret Vintage Guitars and Mono Cases.
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The Cone of Shame Veterinary Podcast
The Cone of Shame Veterinary Podcast
Dr. Andy Roark
COS 050 Pot Brownie and Candy Bender (HDYTT)
Chowhound, the labrador retriever is in room 3.  She got into the giant bowl of Halloween candy AND she ate a half a pan of pot brownies.  Mom and Dad don't really know how much of what!  Dr. Justine Lee, how do you treat that? HELPFUL LINKS: VetGirl: UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: Getting Team Buy In with Dr. Andy Roark October 24, 2020. Head over to: to learn more. Medicating Cats Positively with Dr. Andy Roark and Ingrid Johnson October 28, 2020. Head over to: to learn more. ABOUT OUR GUEST: Dr. Justine Lee DVM, DACVECC, DABT lectures throughout the world on emergency, critical care, and toxicology, and was honored to receive the Speaker of the Year Award at the North American Veterinary Conference (2016, 2015, 2011) and Association des Médecines Vétérinaires du Québec (2012). Dr. Lee was the co-host veterinary analyst on Nat Geo Wild‘s Animal ER LIVE, and was the former contributor/blogger to Prevention magazine, PetMD: The Daily Vet, Pet Health Network and Voyce. She has been featured on NBC Weekend Today, Rachael Ray, WCCO, MPR, and various other TV and radio engagements. Dr. Lee is a part-time criticalist at Animal Emergency & Referral Center, a specialty referral hospital in the Twin Cities, MN. VETgirl was the brainchild of Dr. Justine Lee. Years ago, while frantically studying for her board examination(s), she decided to take some time out to relieve some stress (aka “panic) by running. While pounding the pavement, she thought, “Why can’t I listen to this stuff on my Walkman while I exercise?” (She is old, and this was pre-Ipod days). Since sleeping on top of her textbooks didn’t appear to osmotically work, she decided that this “listen and learn” modality would truly be the best way to “take it all” in while frantically multi-tasking. And that’s when she teamed up with techno-saavy Dr. Pachtinger to create VETgirl…
19 min
Trucker Dump - A Trucking Podcast
Trucker Dump - A Trucking Podcast
Todd McCann
TD149: Job-Hopping In Trucking
Today’s main topic is job-hopping. How much is too much? Stay tuned. But as always, we’ve got some news to cover including voting info, brake recalls, safety blitz stats, nuclear verdicts, trailer technology, broker scams, truck warranties, and think pieces on being an owner/operator and ANTs. Huh? The FMCSA has also been busy with hairy drug testing, driver advisory panels, under 21 drivers, driver training exemptions, and yet another COVID HOS exemption extension. Wow. Say that three times fast. And we’ll top it all off with six restaurants for the Trucker Grub segment, and listener feedback on weapons, railroad crossings, man vs. beast, and driving school experiences. Listen to the podcast version or read the full article and the podcast show notes on or search for Trucker Dump in your favorite podcast app. Be sure to check out the 50% off ebook combo pack for Trucking Life and How to Find a Great Truck Driving Job while you're there. This deal is only available for a limited time! *This episode of Trucker Dump is sponsored by:* Pilot Flying J app - Check out all the awesome features of the Pilot Flying J app. Volvo Trucks - Check out the cool interior features in the VNL series and watch these two videos on the Living Environment Walkaround and The Most Comfortable Cab On The Road. *Links mentioned in the news segment:* Budweiser Wassup commercial For truckers looking to vote early or absentee, a look at each state’s practices from Voter registration deadlines Volvo recalling 17,545 trucks for possible cracked brake pedal from CVSA Safety Enforcement Operation Catches More Than 66,000 Drivers from (Transport Topics) FMCSA Extends COVID HOS Exemption Until 2021 from FMCSA Launches Driver Panel for Advisory Committee from (Transport Topics) UPS Wants FMCSA to Reconsider Exemption Request from (Transport Topics) FMCSA proposes under-21 driver pilot program from Details of the under-21 driver pilot program from HHS Issues Proposed Hair Testing Guidelines from (Transport Topics) PrePass adds safety alerts for drivers to app from Trucking Targets 'Nuclear' Verdicts from (Transport Topics) Intelligent Trailer Technology Advances from (Transport Topics) Open a can of realism before buying that first truck from Informed protection: Know exactly what’s covered before you buy a used truck warranty from Growing broker/carrier identity theft schemes reaping millions from As with fire ants attacking a DOT officer inspecting logs, beware the ANTs in your own mind from *Trucker Grub segment:* Tacos El Zarape in Ontario, Oregon Shari’s restaurant in Troutdale, Oregon Ranch Hand Trail Stop in Montpelier, Idaho Lefty’s Bar-B-Q in Crossville, Tennessee Stockmen’s Truck Stop in St. Paul, Minnesota Alamo Sinclair in Alamo, Nevada *Links mentioned in the main topic:* Job-hopping is on the rise. Should you consider switching roles to make more money? from Job-hopping in trucking from How to calculate employee turnover rate from Links mentioned in the Listener Feedback segment: Frankie NC heard @goose story in the Listener Feedback segment of TD148: Being A Chemical Oilfield Truck Driver about a truck stalling on a railroad tracks and wrote with some advice that could save your life. Greg listened to TD146: Personal Safety For Truckers and answered the call by sharing his arsenal to ward off bad guys. Driver Dave shares another exciting episode of trucker vs. wildlife. Everyone needs to keeps their pets out of the road when Driver Dave is in the area. Just saying. New listener Stevie is binging the podcast and sending lots of comments for me to share with you. Today we hit three quick ones about TD001: Sometime You Just Need A Machine Gun, TD144: The Split, and agrees with the grossness of women's restrooms from TD46: The Tale Of Three Trucker Slobs. New Listener Scott Gunter heard TD100: What Makes The Evil Overlord… Evil? and we decide that all wives must be evil. Scott Gunter, Todd R, and Zachary Smacherman @smakerman all heard TD147: Be Careful Choosing A Truck Driving School and share stories of their respective truck driving schools. Bonus: Zachary sent an audio comment! Todd R @RoadToad also mentioned TD148: Being A Chemical Oilfield Truck Driver. Zachary also mentioned Anthony, who I answered a question from in the Listener Feedback segment of TD131: Review Of The FleetUp Trace ELD. And a big thanks to wtfGrumpy, Corvette 1977, ShadowDragonYin, TIK TOK CAN GO TO HELL (yes, really), 2014EJ, and douche you are (yes again, really) for rating and reviewing the podcast on Apple Podcasts. *Show info:* You can email your comments, suggestions, questions, or insults to Join the Trucker Dump Facebook Group Join the Trucker Dump Slack Group by emailing me at Got a second to Rate and/or Review the podcast on iTunes? Download the intro/outro songs for free! courtesy of Walking On Einstein
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