Pet Peeves - where do they come from? ft. I Have To Call My Sister Podcast
1 hr 25 min

This ep is LOL! Chewing loudly, nails on a chalkboard, LEAVING FOOD IN THE SINK!? Everyone has a pet peeve, but where do they come from, why do they exist and HOW CAN YOU OVERCOME THEM!? We are speak with the HILARIOUS DUO Stacey Kay and Kayla Bulmer of the AMAZING HILARIOUS podcast I Have To Call My Sister about their pet peeves, and add in the science throughout!

STUDYTIME - Pet Peeves ft. I Have To Call My Sister Podcast:


What did we learn this week?:

3:38 - what is the funniest joke in the world according to science?

7:43 - why are there so many crab like physical forms?


Clue BioWink
Who you gonna call? Mythbusters!
This season on Hormonal we’ve learned a lot about birth control. From the origin of the pill, to how side effects can be beneficial, to the history and future of Reproductive Justice. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to learn, especially when it comes to those pesky myths that just never seem to completely disappear. This week on the Hormonal podcast, we are assembling a super squad of science-backed Mythbusters. They’re ready to tackle questions from real users like you. On the mythbusting squad we’re welcoming back Dr. Lynae Brayboy, Clue’s Chief Medical Officer–and also joining us is Amanda Shea, Clue’s Head of Science, and Dr. Hajnalka Hejja, Clue’s Science Lead for Product. "It feels like it's constantly being reinforced that we should have an exactly 28-day cycle that comes at the exact day we expect, month after month after month. And then it's completely not true." For more information on today’s episode visit And to find out how to support the work here at Clue, go to Clue.Plus. Episode Links * The birth control implant: myths and misconceptions * Antibiotics and Birth Control: Myths and Facts * How to use Clue if you’re on the hormonal birth control pill * The top 3 PMS myths * 36 superstitions about periods from around the world * Tampons: questions & misconceptions * Can you swim on your period? * The myth of moon phases and menstruation
36 min
The Beauty Brains
The Beauty Brains
Discover the beauty and cosmetic products you should use and avoid
Freezing Retinol, color preserving shampoos and other beauty questions answered - episode 245
On today’s show we are going to answer questions about… * Silicones and protein in hair products * Do you need to use the same amount of sunscreen in the winter? * Do color preserving shampoos and conditioners work? * How long do retinol products last & can you freeze them to make them last longer? * Do perfumes smell different on different people? *Beauty new stories* What was that liquid leaking on Guiliani? Will Borage oil be the next big thing in 2021? Carmen Electra launches a beauty line. Will these 5 tips make your hair grow faster? *3 Ways to Ask a question -* 1. You can record your question on your smart phone and email to 2. Send it to us via social media (see links below) 3. Submit it through the following form - Ask a question *Support the Beauty Brains *The Beauty Brains are now on Patreon! If you want to support the show Patreon is the best way to do it. This will help keep the show going and avoid any of those pesky advertisements that I find so maddening in other podcasts that I listen to. Thank you to all of our Patrons! *Social media accounts* on Instagram we’re at thebeautybrains2018 on Twitter, we’re thebeautybrains And we have a Facebook page Be Brainy about your Beauty! Support the show Support the show (
59 min
Stories from Flying the Nest
Stories from Flying the Nest
Flying the Nest
Getting Sick While Travelling - Episode #5
Black Friday Sale Now on head to Watch the free video version at or search "Stories from Flying the Nest" on YouTube. This is the show for fans of travel, fans of travel that goes wrong and fans of Stephen, Jess & Hunter from Flying the Nest. After travelling to over 80 countries over the past 5 years there have been a lot of horror stories of when we have gotten sick overseas...these are those stories and some tips on how to not get sick whilst overseas. Get in your questions for the fourth podcast coming out soon - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow our journey Vlogging YouTube channel: Join the Weekly Coop Update email: Website/Blog Facebook • Flying the Nesters Travel Community Group • INSTAGRAM: Flying the Nest Instagram • Stephen Instagram • Jess Instagram • Hunter Instagram • Chleo Instagram • TWITTER: Flying the Nest Twitter • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo Editing Preset Packs: Colour Grade Your Videos With LUTS: Learn to edit videos for YouTube: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See for privacy and opt-out information.
47 min
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