Singletrack Podcast – The legendary Charlie Kelly episode
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Whether you believe that mountain biking started on the slopes of Mount Tam, or the forests of the Pacific Northwest, or some muddy fields in the UK, the term ‘Mountain...

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The Drop in Podcast with Duncan Shaw
The Drop in Podcast with Duncan Shaw
Duncan Shaw
009 - Danny MacAskill and Robbie Meade - How to Make a Viral Video?
This week Duncan is joined by close friends Danny MacAskill, and Robbie Meade to talk about their latest project "The Slabs".  A short film that Danny has recently released on YouTube in which he descends down one of The UK's finest moderate climbs, The Black Slabs on The Isle of Skye,  aboard his Santa Cruz mountain bike. Danny MacAskill is a Scottish mountain biker who shot to fame in the spring of 2009 after releasing "Inspired Bicycles" a wee video that he and his flatmate Dave Sowerby had shot over a few months around the streets of Edinburgh.  Over the last ten years this is what Danny has made his career in. Travelling the globe finding amazing places for him to make riding films and performing alongside Duncan in the Drop and Roll Tour. Robbie Meade is the founder of Peny Ltd a creative media production company based in Wales, over the last few years Robbie has worked with Danny on various projects including, Imaginate, Epucuen, and Cascadia which saw Danny jumping his bike across the exposed rooftops of Gran Canaria. Together with Danny, Robbie directed their most recent film "The Slabs". Join them as they discuss what went into filming the project, how it felt to climb the slabs  along with backpacks full of camera gear, how Danny and Robbie first met and what it takes to produce a viral video. Watch The Slabs here: Peny Ltd:
1 hr 14 min
Beyond The Tape Podcast
Beyond The Tape Podcast
Darren Mallard- Mountain BIke Journalist/Nerd
Catching up with Jackson Frew
This episode it an impromptu chat with Jackson Frew. He wanted to have a chat about his year ahead, what has been happening in his life, and the direction he is heading. We go down some pretty in-depth tangents to including the 2020 season, longevity in the sport and bike setup/technology. It was a really insightful chat and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to our great sponsors. Canyon Bikes- The leading company when it comes to building rad bikes and having a good time. It is super easy to jump on the net, find your bike, order it and shred ASAP. They have come on in a big way to keep the podcast running and we have some big plans ahead. Two Up Bike Co.- These guys are the importers of Noble Wheels, Factor Components, and Dupont lubrications. Some of the most premium components and lubes you can get for your rig. Guaranteed to get you 69% faster in all areas of riding. NSDynamics- The premier suspension service centre in Australia. The guys there have been doing this for over 20 years and know how to make your suspension feel better than new. Every time I have got my suspension back from these guys I can't believe how much better it works. They are masters of suspension magic. Huck The World- The best kit I have ever worn comes from Huck The World!! Tech tees that are so comfortable you can wear them at the gym, while you work, and of course for your post-work ride. jump over to the site and use beyondthetape10 to receive 10% off your next kit soon. Dirtsurfer Mudguards- Dirtsurfer is one hundred per cent Australian Made and designed mudguards for your MTB. Using 100% recycled material, no wast production and no packaging, you can be sure there is no carbon footprint. They offer custom print guards for your company or local event with low minimum quantities. Jump over to the store now. You can now use BEYONDTHETAPE at checkout with FIST handwear for 15% off
1 hr 40 min
The Inside Line Podcast - Vital MTB
The Inside Line Podcast - Vital MTB
Vital MTB
Charlie Sponsel (aka Team Robot) - The Inside Line Podcast
Welcome Mountain Bikers! Thanks for tuning in to Vital MTB’s The Inside Line podcast. I’m your host, Shawn Spomer. Today we have a treat! Charlie Sponsel, sometimes known as Team Robot is on the show. Charlie was a professional mountain bike racer, has a hilarious and informative presence on the internet, and is a down-to-earth, straight shooter when it comes to both bikes and, more importantly, life in general. We run the gamut of topics on today’s show, and I even had to call him back up to get his stance on chainstay length because we missed it the first time around. If you didn’t know, Charlie has a monthly advice column on Vital MTB, so if you have a question, hit him up by writing on the old email. A big thanks goes out to Jenson USA, supporter of The Inside Line for the last four years! Keep your bike running strong with parts from Jenson. If you use coupon code “insideline” all one word at checkout on, you’ll receive 10% off qualifying items. Thank you Jenson! Maxxis Tires just launched the updated Shorty tire. You can check out our review on with Squamish shredder, Joel Harwood, who gives it 4.5 out of 5 stars. A specialty tire for wet conditions, the Shorty is available now on In our episode today, I speak with Charlie about trail advocacy and stewardship. Well, Santa Cruz Bicycles, through their Paydirt initiative is donating $1 million to trail projects over 3 years. You can see current funding recipients or submit your project to the program at Charlie, thank you. Listeners, we definitely thank you and I hope you enjoy the show.
2 hr 44 min
Backcountry Travel, Snow Science, & the Art of Avalanche Forecasting
Today we’re talking about the science of snow, the art of avalanche forecasting, and what every backcountry traveler can be sending in to their local avy center to help them produce more accurate forecasts. Our guest is Zach Guy, who is the lead forecaster for the Crested Butte Avalanche Center. Zach has a master’s degree in snow science from Montana State University, he’s served as the director of the Flathead Avalanche Center in Northwest Montana; and he returned to Crested Butte in the fall of 2020 to take over as the CBAC’s lead forecaster. TOPICS & TIMES * Zach’s background in forecasting & snow science (5:40) * Some different snowpacks in the USA (13:29) * Different snowpacks in Colorado (16:50) * How has avalanche forecasting evolved? (20:08) * How has snow science evolved? (22:35) * Inconsistencies between forecast centers (26:43) * Snowpack modeling (34:41) * Fracture mechanics (46:44) * Zach’s forecasting process (49:52) * What we all can / should submit to avy centers (57:39) * Life & schedule of a forecaster (1:03:29) RELATED LINKS: BACKCOUNTRY TRAVEL * Ep. 152: On Guide Books & Decision Making in the Backcountry * Ep. 128: Henry Munter on Avy Forecasting & Decision Making * Ep. 119: Rob Coppolillo on Backcountry Travel, Education, & Gear * Ep. 85: AMGA president, Angela Hawse * Ep. 62: Paul Forward on Backcountry Travel & Wilderness Medicine See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 9 min
The SnowBrains Podcast
The SnowBrains Podcast
Why Did The USA Just Have Its Deadliest Avalanche Cycle in History?
Dr. Ethan Greene - Director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center "Why Did The USA Just Have Its Deadliest Avalanche Cycle in History?" Episode #15 of The SnowBrains Podcast  *** This podcast is gonna a little different. The USA just went through its deadliest avalanche cycle in history with 16 avalanche fatalities in only 10-days from January 30th, 2021 to February 8th, 2021. I think it's really affected all of us in our community. My guest today is Dr. Ethan Greene, the director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center who is here to talk us through what's happening in the Colorado snowpack right now and why we are seeing so many multi-victim avalanches in the USA. Sadly, since Dr. Ethan Greene and I recorded this podcast on February 11th, 2021, 8 more people have died in avalanches in the USA bringing the total to 25 avalanche deaths in only 22-days in the USA - by far the deadliest avalanche cycle in US recreational history. 3 of these latest avalanche deaths occurred on Valentine's day, February 14th, 2021. Two of the Valentine's day avalanche fatalities were in Colorado. Then there was one avalanche death per day for 4 days right up until February 20th, when there were 2 avalanche deaths. There was one avalanche death on each of these days: February 16th, February 17th, February 18th, February 19th, and then 2 avalanche deaths on February 20th bringing the total to 25 avalanche deaths in only 22-days. We have now lost 31 lives to avalanches in the USA in the 2020/2021 winter season and it's only February 22nd. The USA averages 27 avalanche fatalities per season. If you enjoyed this podcast, please share with friends & family, and please subscribe. Follow SnowBrains: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Episode #15 | Dr. Ethan Greene | Director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center "Why Did The USA Just Have Its Deadliest Avalanche Cycle in History?" Episode #15 of The SnowBrains Podcast Recorded on January 3, 2020, in Jackson Hole, WY (Miles Clark) and Boulder, CO (Dr. Ethan Greene). This episode was edited by Robert Wilkinson.  Host, producer, and creator = Miles Clark.
35 min
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