016: Contracts Q&A
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Today’s the final episode in the contract series! I’m doing things a little bit differently and will answer some questions I’ve gotten about contracts throughout the series. I offer explanations, give tips and examples, and highlight issues regarding signings, master service agreements, contract length, legalese, agreement revisions and updates, electronic signatures, and more. Then I wrap up the episode with some general suggestions to help you create or shore up your contracts.

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In this episode:

[01:38] - How should the names of the parties be entered into the agreement?

[02:50] - Danielle offers a crucial signing tip for agreements between businesses.

[03:06] - What is a Master Service Agreement (MSA) and when should you use it?

[03:56] - Danielle’s legal clients often ask her about shortening agreements.

[04:53] - Typically, clients really want a plain-language agreement and don’t care about contract length.

[05:46] - A little legalese is necessary for your plain-language contract especially regarding intellectual property ownership or boilerplate clauses.

[06:07] - If someone asks you to change your agreement, does it mean the contract is no good? Danielle discusses revisions.

[07:49] - How often should you update your contract? It depends.

[08:56] - Danielle answers a disclaimer question regarding the hire of a PR specialist.

[09:55] - Are electronic signatures valid, and what services does Danielle recommend?

[11:06] - To wrap up this series, Danielle recommends a few general action steps.


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