025: Handling Refund and Termination Requests
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Misunderstandings about your refund and termination policies can serve as a big precursor for contract disputes with your clients. Communication and clearly stated policies are key to help you avoid complaints. Today, I’ll talk about how to handle refund and termination requests and look at two aspects: how to structure your contract and how to handle a specific request.

This episode covers some important areas to consider in your agreement that’ll help ensure greater clarity. I give examples of poorly stated contract terms and better suggestions for re-writing them to accurately reflect what you want to offer in your business, whether it’s a service or original creative content. You’ll also hear about some of the most common refund policies I’ve seen in my line of work.

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In this episode:

[02:27] - Poor communication affects customer complaints about payments, purchase issues, and refunds.

[03:21] - What happens if a client exceeds the scope of their agreement? This simple statement added to the contract can save you lots of headaches!

[03:56] - Be careful about using these words if clients will have access to you or one of your team members individually.

[05:57] - If you’re a creative offering a limited number of revisions, state this in your agreement to help protect yourself from scope creep.

[07:21] - Danielle discusses clearing up any uncertainty regarding your payment terms.

[07:44] - Danielle offers a tip for creatives who offer original content to help guard usage rights.

[08:24] - Do you offer a money-back guarantee? Is it for any reason or based on certain conditions?

[09:18] - For conditional money-back guarantees, take a look at any aspects of it that are discretionary.

[09:58] - Danielle covers what to consider in your refund policy if one of the parties terminates the agreement.

[10:54] - Hear some of the most common refund policies Danielle usually encounters.

[12:45] - Most problems arise when clients request a refund when one isn’t due. Danielle discusses how to approach this scenario.

[14:58] - A lot of times companies will try treating an ongoing issue with an unhappy, refund-seeking client as a dispute settlement.

[15:55] - It usually doesn’t happen, but what can you do if you find yourself in ongoing disputes with clients often?

[16:39] - Danielle wraps it up with a couple of action steps.


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