38: Permission to Quit with Kelsey Van Kirk
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It's not about what you do. Your success is being ignited by the pause and the space that you're giving yourself to be.


Welcome back to the Shamelessly Ambitious Podcast! In this episode, I’m talking to Kelsey Van Kirk and I am so excited as this is my first ever podcast interview in Costa Rica. It feels really special – just as special as the message behind this episode. 


Kelsey is here today to give you one of the greatest permission slips you will ever receive. And, as she said in the episode, “...all the abundance that’s meant for you will find you if you’re open to it.” Make sure to tune in because that’s just the start of some major gems that Kelsey drops - I know you’ll find something that resonates with you.


Thanks for listening. Thanks for being here.



  • Where Kelsey’s at, where she was, and where she thought she would be now
  • The “I could so I should” mentality and how Kelsey shifted from that
  • How “quitting” can be the right next step in business for you
  • The one question women in business GET to ask themselves
  • Letting abundance come into your life and business
  • Cultivating deeply rooted joy and gratitude
  • A message for you if you’re in that in-between phase
  • Giving yourself what you want first



Instagram: @mskelseyvankirk

Website: kelseyvankirk.com

Podcast: The Better Life Project™



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