Nov 23, 2020
440: Serverless, Local Database, Edge Functions, and Using WordPress Serverless
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Let's talk Serverless - including using WordPress Serverless, how to solve a problem like local databases, and edge functions with Netlify and beyond.

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Most CDN services will have you choose between caching aggressively and having to wait for updates to go live, or do no caching on your HTML files which mean you’re not benefitting from the CDN layer at all for those files.

With Netlify you get the best of both Worlds. Once your build is uploaded, we flip the switch and it goes live and the changes in your build are instantly pushed to our global CDN.

In order to give the lowest time-to first byte, the highest cache hit-rate, but with true instant cache invalidation, we’ve developed a multilayered CDN.

PHPUgly, Eric Van Johnson, John Congdon, Thomas Rideout
220:PHP and Baby Goats
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about Jetbrains "Code with me" Protocol, Laravel Livewire, PHP Testing, and more... Links from the show * A critique on my 'A perfect storm' article. * Whitehouse website goes dark * Hello Raspberry Pi Pico and RP2040! * Intel Appoints Tech Industry Leader Pat Gelsinger as New CEO | Intel Newsroom * Github apologizes for firing Jewish employee who warned about 'Nazis' * Hey, why close this issue? * Elasticsearch and Kibana are now business risks - {anonymous => 'hash'}; * Stepping up for a truly open source Elasticsearch | AWS Open Source Blog * Code with me Protocol * Datatables with Laravel Livewire PHPUgly streams the recording of this podcast live. Typically every Thursday night around 9 PM PT. Come and join us, and subscribe to our Youtube Channel, Twitch, or Periscope. Also, be sure to check out our Patreon Page. Twitter Account Host: * Eric Van Johnson * John Congdon * Tom Rideout Youtube Channel - Twitch - Periscope - Powered by Restream Also, be sure to check out our Patreon Page - PHPUgly Anthem by Harry Mack * Youtube: * Twitter:
1 hr 13 min
The Angular Show
The Angular Show
E045 - Micro Frontends in Angular
Micro-what?!? What is a micro frontend, what does it have to do with Angular, why would I want to use this strategy, and how do I go about implementing this in my organization? These are all good questions. Whether you know what a micro frontend is, have never heard of it, or are currently implementing this strategy in your organization, this is an episode of the Angular Show that you do not want to miss. Join panelists Aaron Frost, Brian Love, and Jennifer Wadella as they start their journey in learning about Micro Frontends in Angular. We had the privilege to sit down with Zama Khan Mohamed, who is an expert in Micro Frontends. Zama teaches us the basics of what a micro frontend is and why we would consider this strategy for our applications. Then, we dive into the details on how Angular developers and organizations using Angular, as well as a mix of other frameworks, can leverage Micro Frontends in their architecture. We also discuss some of the benefits and costs of this approach, and why you might want to consider using micro frontends. Finally, we also touch on Webpach version 5's new support for federated modules and the impact this has on how we build modern micro frontends. Phew - that sounds like a lot, but have no fear, your friendly panelists are here to walk with you through this new landscape of micro frontends in the JavaScript ecosystem. Show Notes: Connect with us: @mohamedzamakhan @likeOMGitsFEDAY @brian_love @aaronfrost
1 hr 9 min
The Changelog 427: The rise of Rocky Linux
This week on The Changelog we’re talking with Gregory Kurtzer about Rocky Linux. Greg is the founder of the CentOS project, which recently shifted its strategy and has the Linux community scrambling. Rocky Linux aims to continue where the CentOS project left off — to provide a free and open source community-driven enterprise grade Linux operating system. We discuss the history of the CentOS project, how it fell under Red Hat’s control, the recent shift in Red Hat’s strategy with CentOS, and how Rocky Linux is designed to be 100% bug-for-bug compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Discuss on Changelog News Join Changelog++ to support our work, get closer to the metal, and make the ads disappear! Sponsors * Linode – Get $100 in free credit to get started on Linode – Linode is our cloud of choice and the home of Head to OR text CHANGELOG to 474747 to get instant access to that $100 in free credit. * LaunchDarkly – Test in production! Deploy code at any time, even if a feature isn’t ready to be released to your users. Wrap code in feature flags to get the safety to test new features and infrastructure in prod without impacting the wrong end users. * Render – Get $100 in free credit to give Render a try! Plus they’re going to assign a world-class engineer to your account to provide guidance and answer any questions. Render is built for modern applications and offers everything you need out-of-the-box — one-click scaling, zero-downtime deploys, built-in SSL, private networking, managed databases, secrets and config management, persistent block storage, and Infrastructure-as-Code. Send an email to to get your free credits. * Fastly – Our bandwidth partner. Fastly powers fast, secure, and scalable digital experiences. Move beyond your content delivery network to their powerful edge cloud platform. Learn more at Featuring * Gregory Kurtzer – Twitter, GitHub, Website * Adam Stacoviak – Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Website * Jerod Santo – Twitter, GitHub Notes and Links * Greg on The Changelog #336 * Rocky Linux website * Get Involved * The Register on the Rocky Linux launch Regarding the name “Rocky Linux” - The new project’s name is a tribute to CentOS co-founder Rocky McGaugh. “He is no longer with us, so as a H/T to him, who never got to see the success that CentOS came to be, I introduce to you… Rocky Linux,” said Kurtzer.
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