367: Accessibility with Nicolas Steenhout and Christopher Schmitt
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We're talking accessibility with Christopher and Nicolas from Knowbility. Does accessibility transcend the web? Is it discouraging how much work still needs to be done? How do we get people the skills needed to help with accessibility on the web? Should accessibility be a role in house? And is Javascript the enemy of accessibility?

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The Bike Shed
The Bike Shed
265: There Are No Free Lunches
On this week's episode, Steph and Chris chat about database transactions and job queues, building static sites with GatsbyJS and NetlifyCMS, the performance impacts of front end frameworks and static content, and lastly they catch up on Hacktoberfest and the complexities of encouraging and supporting work in open source. This episode is brought to you by: ScoutAPM (https://scoutapm.com/bikeshed) - Give Scout a try for free today and Scout will donate $5 to the open source project of your choice when you deploy Datadog (http://datadog.com/thebikeshed). Click through to get a free 14-day trial and a free Datadog t-shirt! Sidekiq (https://sidekiq.org/) delayed_job (https://github.com/collectiveidea/delayed_job) Que (Postgres-backed job queuing system for ruby apps) (https://github.com/que-rb/que) Transactionally Staged Job Drains in Postgres (https://brandur.org/job-drain) Gatsby.js (https://www.gatsbyjs.com/) Netlify (https://www.netlify.com/) NetlifyCMS (https://www.netlifycms.org/) Middleman (https://middlemanapp.com/) MDX (https://mdxjs.com/) Steph's Monster blog (https://monster-cute.netlify.app/) monster-cute blog repo (https://github.com/SViccari/monster-cute) Svelte (https://svelte.dev/) Rich Harris - creator of Svelte (https://twitter.com/rich_harris) Rich Harris on full stack radio (https://fullstackradio.com/143) Extensity chrome extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/extensity/jjmflmamggggndanpgfnpelongoepncg?hl=en) Hacktoberfest (https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/) DigitalOcean's Hacktoberfest is Hurting Open Source (https://blog.domenic.me/hacktoberfest/) Hacktoberfest Update from Digital Ocean (https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/hacktoberfest-update) Goodhart's law (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goodhart%27s_law) Adam Wathan of Tailwind Labs (https://adamwathan.me/) Remix Run (https://remix.run/) Become a Sponsor (https://thoughtbot.com/sponsorship) of The Bike Shed!
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Enjoy the Vue
Enjoy the Vue
The Enjoy the Vue Team
Episode 38: Community is Everything: Open Source with Henry Zhu (Part 3)
Welcome back to another episode of Enjoy the Vue. This concludes our three-part interview with Babel maintainer, Henry Zhu. Last time, we closed our discussion with what work maintainers of open source projects do that is not straight coding. In this episode, we continue talking with Henry about what do people count as maintenance work versus other tasks that definitely need to get done, but are perhaps less visible to the public eye. Henry also shares his approaches to taking care of himself and the pursuit of serendipity, and we discuss the inclusivity of the open source community, the relationship between in-person communities and open source culture, and we get into our picks of the week, so make sure not to miss this episode! Key Points From This Episode: Henry opens with the dichotomy between freedom and obligation for maintainers. Maintainers don’t see certain tasks as maintenance, such as answering user queries. What Henry does to take care of himself, like sport or playing music, and his musings on what serendipity looks like in an online setting. Spaces that promote serendipity, and why actively pursuing serendipity is not a paradox. There are communities like Google Summer of Code that promote open source involvement. Preferences are shaped through experiences of the communities, so it is important that they be inclusive, particularly for women. The relationship between in-person communities and open source culture. Ben’s picks this week include a ukulele, Azul, and Nadia Eghbal’s book, Working in Public. Veekas recommends Kim’s Convenience and Race After Technology by Ruha Benjamin. Henry’s picks include Tools for Conviviality by Ivan Illich, and a card game called The Mind. Tessa suggests Journey, the Reply series, and Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice. Tweetables: “How do we get people to have a higher sense of ownership so that we can lessen the burden on maintainers?” — @left_pad [0:02:37] “There's an aspect of serendipity involves risk, and involves trust and faith in something, in the future. Me putting myself out there is going to lead to something good.” — @left_pad [0:05:50] “I feel being more intentional, specifically reaching out to people, or getting involved in certain communities is probably better. There are formal versions of this, like Google Summer of Code. We've done that and Rails Girls, Summer of Code, stuff like that. Yeah, maybe we need more of that, instead of this blanket like, ‘Hey, anyone can get involved.’” — @left_pad [0:07:48] “For a tool, we want self-expression from the people that use it and I think coding is – or anything, [Illich] mentions education, and school, and medicine, and coding could be another thing where it's increasingly harder to learn how to code, even though now we have boot camps and stuff.” — @left_pad [0:17:46] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: - Henry Zhu on Twitter (https://twitter.com/left_pad?lang=en) - Henry Zhu on GitHub (https://github.com/hzoo)  - Henry Zhu (https://www.henryzoo.com/) - Hope in Source Podcast (https://hopeinsource.com/) - Maintainers Anonymous Podcast (https://maintainersanonymous.com/) - Babel (https://babeljs.io/) - Google Summer of Code (https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/archive/) - Rails Girls (http://railsgirls.com/) - Vue Vixens (https://www.vuevixens.org/) - Working in Public (https://www.amazon.com/Working-Public-Making-Maintenance-Software/dp/0578675862) - Kim’s Convenience on Netflix (https://www.netflix.com/title/80199128)  - Race After Technology (https://www.amazon.com/Race-After-Technology-Abolitionist-Tools/dp/1509526404) - Tools for Conviviality (https://www.amazon.com/Tools-Conviviality-Ivan-Illich/dp/1842300113/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Tools+for+Conviviality&qid=1601903637&s=books&sr=1-1) - Journey (https://thatgamecompany.com/journey/) - Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice (https://www.amazon.com/Conquer-Your-Critical-Inner-Voice/dp/1572242876/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Conquer+Your+Critical+Inner+Voice&qid=1601904786&sr=8-1) - Enjoy the Vue on Twitter (https://twitter.com/enjoythevuecast?lang=en) - Enjoy the Vue (https://enjoythevue.io/) Special Guest: Henry Zhu.
23 min
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