Scaling Brick & Mortar Stores During a Pandemic & How to Approach “Business Temptation” w/ Nastasha McKeon
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Today I had on a human who is just full of energy and positive vibes! Nastasha McKeon is the executive Chef slash CEO and Founder of Choice juiceries. With an extensive background in health and wellness, she has taught plant-based cooking classes in hospitals in addition to consulting with restaurant brands on how to incorporate healthy options into their menu along with product development, systems, education, and sales. She opened her first brick-and-mortar store in 2014 in Carlsbad, CA and she’s now expanded to 6 locations plus online. To be expanding a conscious brick-and-mortar business during a pandemic is pretty badass. So as you can imagine, she dropped some solid nuggets of knowledge and inspiration on the pod!

Show notes in order of appearance:

  • Nastasha’s last oh shit moment
  • Nastsha talks about surf ranch and kook of the day moments
  • Seb shares his kook of the day moment.
  • What was the first seed that was planted in you that led to your passion and success that you’re having today in regards to clean eating and conscious ingredients?
  • Rough childhood. Nastash’s grandma who had an auto-immune disease.
  • Hungry for information as to why grandma had died and how that got her into learning about food being medicine.
  • How is food medicine?
  • Our disconnect from food and nature and the Covid 19 virus
  • Making money in banking and eating well
  • Holistic nutrition and consulting at restaurants
  • What does a restaurant consultant do? What exactly does that mean?
  • How consulting transitioned into Choice Juicery
  • Opened up the first location in 2014. Nastasha worked every role and speaks to the importance of that.
  • How and why Nastasha can keep a smile on her face nonstop.
  • You told me something that really resonated…“Although I’m not a non-profit I feel like we’re a non-profit.” Share what you mean by that.
  • Maintaining the integrity of products is like giving back.
  • Awareness and education. Community-based events.
  • Turning down great business opportunities and business temptation.
  • How does maintaining the integrity of products affect the whole supply chain?
  • The importance of mindset...for the entire company not just the CEO.
  • You published a book last month. What is it about?
  • Nastahsa shares her top two traits for a conscious leader to embody
  • Nastasha shares where we can buy her book and shop for her clean food products

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