The Sustainable Bamboo Bedding Revolution w/ the Founders of Ettitude, Phoebe Yu And Kat Dey
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In this podcast episode, Kat and Phoebe discuss sustainability in the bedding industry and the benefits of using bamboo as a more sustainable alternative to traditional materials. They also talk about their company's commitment to being a B Corp and practicing conscious attitudes in various aspects of their business, including their supply chain transparency and focus on environmental causes. TKat and Phoebe emphasize the importance of using sustainable materials and processes in the textile industry to reduce its impact on the environment. They also discuss challenges and solutions in educating consumers about sustainable products and managing influencer relationships. Finally, Sebastian, Kat and Phoebe highlight the importance of conscious leadership in promoting sustainability and ethical practices in business.


Show Time Stamps:


  • Introduction [00:00:00]

  • Oh Shit and Hell Yeah Moments [00:00:15]

  • Environmental Impact of Textile Industry [00:02:07]

  • Benefits of Bamboo [00:03:49]

  • Bamboo as a sustainable alternative [00:06:15]

  • Process of turning bamboo into fabric [00:07:04]

  • Benefits of bamboo fiber [00:09:32]

  • Challenges of being a mission-driven entrepreneur [00:11:09]

  • B Corp and Conscious Attitude [00:13:05]

  • Supply Chain Transparency [00:14:31]

  • Textile Industry Rankings [00:15:13]

  • Becoming a Mission-Driven Business Leader [00:17:27]

  • Challenges of Being a Conscious Leader [00:18:16]

  • Mission-driven companies [00:18:45]

  • Shift towards sustainability [00:21:05]

  • Challenges in educating consumers [00:22:32]

  • 30-night free trial [00:24:04]

  • Selling on Amazon [00:25:01]

  • Unique product strategy [00:26:04]

  • Affiliate and influencer program [00:27:05]

  • Substitution box partners [00:28:10]

  • Managing affiliate relationships [00:29:34]

  • Influencer relationships [00:30:33]

  • Corporate Gifting Program [00:31:17]

  • Traits of a Conscious Leader [00:32


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