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Whether it’s a top of the line music studio, just your phone and instrument, or somewhere in between, you should be using what you have to be making more music, reaching more people, and building the relationships between you and your fans. So how do you maximize your resources and abilities to increase the output and quality of your music from your home?

This week C.J. welcomes Steven Wood to the show, someone from outside Savvy Musician Academy, but someone very familiar with the new music industry. They go so deep into how to turn your home into a music factory, that by the end of this episode, you will be inspired and equipped to be pumping out more and better music from your own home than ever before.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introduction to Steven Wood
  • Musicians dropping out of the business
  • Studio vs. live musician
  • Trying to get discovered on social media
  • Mixing everyday
  • Reverse engineering
  • Different DAW’s
  • Getting familiar with your gear
  • Producing: less is more
  • Pro’s and Con’s of perfectionism
  • How to do a cover song
  • The emotional impact of music
  • Limiting your area to get things done
  • Keeping it simple and clear
  • The song makes the musician


“A live guy, he’s looking at it different than the typical studio guy. He’s looking at, do I want to continue to keep on going to these clubs and getting home 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning.” - @stevenwoodmusic [0:07:02]

“You got to think, not just with different hats of production, but also different hats you had to put on when it comes to marketing and knowing that one basket is not the way to go.” - @stevenwoodmusic [0:10:15]

“Record companies can get you on radio. And to a degree that’s about the only thing that they can do for you.” - @stevenwoodmusic [0:12:01]

“I think that’s what everybody right now in this new form of the wheel that we’re trying to create in the virtual world of not just music, but everything else. How do we make a living? How are we successful using a computer and a mouse?” - @stevenwoodmusic [0:12:49]

“I’ve learned to a degree it doesn’t matter which DAW, digital audio workstation, I use. For some reason, it’s still sounds like Steve Wood mixed the song.” - @stevenwoodmusic [0:19:44]

“When it comes to producing, really, man, I mean, less is more. It may sound like whole lot’s going on, but it is. But yet individual parts all make up this beautiful pie. And so just let the song tell you where to go.” - @stevenwoodmusic [0:21:53]

“I believe that the song is what makes the artist, then the artist has a chance.” - @stevenwoodmusic [0:26:17]

“If you say, ‘Man, all I like to do is play guitar and sing.’ Well, work the hell out of that.” - @stevenwoodmusic [0:34:48]

“Music is supposed to deliver an emotional experience. I don’t care whether it’s Metallica or Rod Stewart.” - @metalmotivation [0:36:20]

“If you have to explain the song before they listen to it, then you didn’t do a good job. Because the songs should be able to play on its own and take you on a journey.” - @stevenwoodmusic [0:42:56]

“I’m not talking about software. I’m not talking about hardware. I’m not talking about any of these things. I’m talking about what it takes to touch someone else, what it takes to inspire someone else, what it takes to... It’s the human aspect.” - @metalmotivation [0:50:35]

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