Safeword Podcast
Safeword Podcast
Apr 28, 2020
Episode 5: BDSM and Music
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Mistress Eva and Dirk Hooper are joined by special guest Mistress Adreena Angela as we discuss music and BDSM. Among the topics we explore is Using music for different moods, how relationships affect your playlist (or not), how music can help you shift to inner space, how Dirk needs to get out more, how Mistress Eva has a music playlist called “Destroy” and how heavily music affects the atmosphere that Mistress Adreena Angela creates.

Includes advice for professionals as well as information for lifestyle players, some support links, tips, compassion and positive advice from multiple people in the kink community that responded to this tweet by Mistress Eva:

Kinky people and BDSM players,

What music are you listening to in these times? What is the first thing that you’ll play when you can session again? Tell me about your kinky music playlist.

Please reply below and share this post so we can learn from each other.#SafeWordPodcast

— MISTRESS EVA OH (@youwillpleaseME) March 29, 2020

And this tweet by Dirk Hooper:

A question for kinky scene people,

What songs are on your playlist? How do you choose your music? What makes a good song to play to?

Answer below and share this post, please!@youwillpleaseME and I are doing a Safeword podcast ep. on this subject w/ @AdreenaMistress soon!

— Dirk Hooper (@DirkHooper) March 28, 2020

Dirk’s Spotify Playlist created by his partner Purrrl:

Mistress Eva Mentioned This Music Specifically

[Correction: Mistress Eva mentions a different mix on the podcast, corrected here to the Nicolas Jaar Essential Mix]

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  4. OnlyFans –

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