19. Stories of Resilience with Nicolene Santomartino
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Today, tomorrow, and for an indefinite future

We face the challenges of the ever-changing landscape of education.

Our schools have seen hard times before

In each of these cases the school leader's character, values, resilience, and mental strength have been put to the test.

I'm excited to release a 6 part podcast series, The Stories of Resilience, where I share the stories of 6 school leaders who came together with their parents and teachers and made it out on the other side.

I believe in the power of resilience to stand back up again.

These stories are one of loss and grief yet consistent progress and inspiration.

The past isn't a perfect guide to the present or into the future but to know that there are school leaders who have walked through difficult passages before, can help arm us against despair.

These stories are vast and sometimes contradictory

That's the dichotomy of leadership

There is no single answer

However, when leaders speak truth to the lies and excuses

When compassionate leaders embrace the pain of the grief-stricken teachers and parents

These moments shape the concepts and perceptions of the future leaders -- our children

Our schools will always be complex

There will always be challenges and obstacles

And there is always a place for joy and for gratitude


I’m excited to introduce to you the Stories of Resilience series. 

I had the opportunity to sit down with my first guest, Nicolene Santomartino. 

Nicolene is the mom of two, school leader of 10 teachers and 65 families. 

She holds great responsibility for the people in her care

Many remember Italy as one of the largest hotspots for the chaos due to COVID. 

Nicolene walks us through her experience during this time. 

In this episode, Nicolene discusses: 

  1. The strength she found from keeping promises

  2. Holding difficult conversations with teachers to maintain accountability during a difficult time 

  3. How to effectively communicate with parents during difficult times 

  4. How to show empathy without having negative information tear her down 

  5. How she recognized burnout and how she built herself back up. 

  6. How being vulnerable with staff empowered them to open up while feeling safe and realizing self-care is important

And so much more. 

The Difficult Conversation Template


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More about the show:

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