232: Shelby Scarbrough — The Practice of Civility
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Can you put a metric around civility or kindness in your business? And if so, what really is the business value of good customer and employee civility? Today’s guest showcases how you can create civility in your organization and why it’s important to practice it all throughout your company.

Shelby Scarbrough began her career in the White House as a member of President Ronald Reagan’s advance team. Shelby’s experience both in the public service and the private sector, and as the global chairman of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, has given her a unique insight into the practices that lead to positive relationships and communication between people and countries.

Through the work that Shelby did at the White House, she was able to meet very prominent figures and leaders, one of them being Nelson Mandela. Through Shelby’s experience, each one of these people showed Shelby the full capacity of what civility looks like; both on a scale of what to do and what not to do.

What is civility really? It’s not about being weak to your fellow man or passive. Civility really is about being able to say what you have to say in a way where people can truly listen to you. The point of civility is to show people respect.


We have more commonalities with someone than we have differences. The key to building connection is finding those commonalities. If you start there, even when working with someone you disagree 100% on, you will be able to build connections and even friendships.


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