Scale Model Podcast – Ep. 63 – Internationally Known
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Welcome to Episode 63 of The Scale Model Podcast Sponsored by Return2KitForm Hosts Stuart Clark Anthony Goodman *************************************** LATEST NEWS Squadron Hobbies is done:  Tom Cleaver has a great piece on iModeller Friulmodel Moving to direct sales only 15 Annual 24 Hour Build Green Strawberry Cool Aftermarket Parts SMP LARGEST CONTEST GIVEAWAY EVER!  **ModelCollect 1/72 […]
Plastic Posse Podcast
Plastic Posse Podcast
The Plastic Posse Podcast
Episode 14
Support the Posse: *Tony Bell Interview - sponsored by Goodman Models!* If you would like to help support our show, click on the link above to donate, or click the Heart Icon in the upper right hand corner of our website. We really appreciate your support! Episode 14 - The Posse Interviews Tony Bell, modeler extraordinaire! Tony Bell is a well known 1/48 Aircraft Modeler, although he also models Science Fiction and Armor Subjects! Tony discusses his approaches, philosophy, and shares details on several of his pieces that are favorites of the Posse!! John Bonanni takes point on this interview - his first as a full time member of the gang. We discuss the ongoing PPP Rye Field Models T-34/85 Group Build, the TIE Fighter Group Build, and our newest feature, the "Social Media Shoutouts." This segment is proving to be a big hit - as TJ leads the Posse in a discussion of several Social Media content creators that we feel are "don't miss." See links below to the content creators so you can quickly access them.  Doug discusses his huge basement project, as well as some exciting news for Star Wars fans from model company Round 2 - which comes to us via long time Posse Contributor Rick Baker! Thanks Rick! As always, there is some great listener feedback, and of course - we have a lot of fun! *Social Media Shout Outs and Show Links* JB - Closet Modeler Facebook: Paeper Cuts Youtube: DB Scale Studio Facebook: Ben Crawley Instagram: On The Bench Podcast: Plastic Model Mojo Podcast: Scale Model Podcast: Just Making Conversation Podcast: ModelGeeks Podcast: A Scale Canadian TV YouTube: Sprue Pie w Frets Blog: Support the show ( Support the show (
1 hr 32 min
The Independent Characters - A Warhammer 40k Podcast | Radio
The Independent Characters - A Warhammer 40k Podcast | Radio
Carl Tuttle
Episode 212 - Show of Force: Talons of The Emperor
Episode 212 of The Independent Characters is, as you know, incredibly late. We talk about that in the episode. Nothing to worry about folks, just general life and scheduling getting in the way. But the important thing is that it is now here! And boy is it! We have a show that clocks in at over three hours of content for you as we tackle the Adeptus Custodes in our Show of Force: Talons of The Emperor episode! I want to thank Jody and Justin for joining us this episode. Their commitment to the show should not go unmentioned. We really hope you enjoy this episode and we are working to get back on some semblance of a schedule for you. One last thing - during the show we misspeak about the "Sworn Guardians" rule for Adeptus Custodes. In the show we state that a unit with this ability controls an objective even if outnumbered. However, what we didn't read was the second part of the rule which states that if a unit has a similar rule (Objective Secured really), then "the objective marker is controlled by the player who has the most models within range of it as normal." Sorry for any confusion we may have caused! We hope you enjoy this episode! Time Stamps: * 0:00:00 - Show Intro and Host Introduction * 0:12:00 - Hobby Progress * 1:07:55 - Show of Force: Talons of The Emperor Part 1 * 2:07:45 - Show of Force: Talons of The Emperor Part 2 * 3:09:45 - Final Thoughts and Show Closing Relevant Links: * The ICs Patreon * Tablewar! - SPONSOR * - SPONSOR * Forge World * Games Workshop * The Black Library * * Adepticon * Monument Hobbies * Z-Axis Hobbies
3 hr 15 min
Plastic Model Mojo
Plastic Model Mojo
A Scale Modeling Podcast
Plastic Model Mojo Episode 31: Red Thread, Red Army Uniforms in WW2
Support the show ( Mike and Dave discuss the evolution and details of the uniforms worn by the Red Army from 1935 - 1945.  Mike draws on 25 years of collecting experience to offer a high level look at the Red Army. Mail Bag! Join the Mail Bag my emailing the show at or sending us a message via Facebook Messenger system from the Plastic Model Mojo Facebook page.  If you do, please tell us where you are from.  We like to know! Countdown to Vegas: 2021 IPMS USA National Convention Web Site 2021 IPMS USA National Convention Trophy Sponsorships More Podcast Goodness to get you through the week! Finally, please have a listen and subscribe to our fellow podcasts in the scale model space. We all have our own take on the hobby and enjoy cooperating with each other for our mutual success.  Collectively, we are bringing you about 12 hours of content a month. On the Bench Web: Facebook: Scale Model Podcast Web: Facebook: Plastic Posse Podcast Web: Plastic Posse Podcast Facebook: Just Making Conversation Web (Spotify): Just Making Conversation Facebook: Model Geeks Podcast Web: Model Geeks And some Vlog and Blog Action for you as well! Chris Wallace's "Model Airplane Maker" Steven Lee's "Sprue Pie with Frets" Jim Bates' "A Scale Canadian TV" Jeff Groves' "Inch High Guy" Support the show (
1 hr 26 min
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