Scale Model Podcast Ep. 60 – Club Insider
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Welcome to Episode 60 Sponsored by Goodman Models. Hosts Stuart Clark Anthony Goodman Special Guest Host:  Kerry Traynor of IPMS Canada Kerry started modelling as a young lad and like most modellers, set the hobby aside during secondary school and college. He got back to the hobby after college and has enjoyed it ever since. […]
Plastic Model Mojo
Plastic Model Mojo
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Plastic Model Mojo Episode 29: 2020 Wish List Wrap Up & 2021 Top Picks
*Support the show* ( Mike and Dave size up the results of their original 2020 wish lists, and then offer up some hopeful releases for 2021.  Lets here your's! *Mail Bag!* Join the Mail Bag my emailing the show at or sending us a message via Facebook Messenger system from the Plastic Model Mojo Facebook page.  If you do, please tell us where you are from.  We like to know! *Countdown to Vegas: **2021 IPMS USA National Convention Web Site** **2021 IPMS USA National Convention Trophy Sponsorships** More Podcast Goodness to get you through the week! *Finally, please have a listen and subscribe to our fellow podcasts in the scale model space. We all have our own take on the hobby and enjoy cooperating with each other for our mutual success.  Collectively, we are bringing you about 12 hours of content a month. *On the Bench* Web: Facebook: *Scale Model Podcast* Web: Facebook: *Plastic Posse Podcast* Web: Plastic Posse Podcast Facebook: *Just Making Conversation *Web (Spotify): Just Making Conversation Facebook: *And some Vlog and Blog Action for you as well! **Chris Wallace's "Model Airplane Maker**" **Steven Lee's "Sprue Pie with Frets"** **Jim Bates' "A Scale Canadian TV"* Support the show (
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War Stories
War Stories
Preston Stewart
1LT Jimmie Monteith (L Co. 1-16IN, 1st ID) Fox Red Sector, Omaha Beach 06JUN1944
06JUN1944: A platoon leader with L Company, 1-16IN, 1LT Jimmie Monteith was scheduled to land on Omaha Beach in the first wave.  His company was hammered on their way in and by the time they got ashore, were operating at close to 50% strength. Monteith quickly took charge and organized the remaining men behind a seawall where they had relative cover from the direct fire aimed their way.  Realizing they came ashore at the Fox Red sector, well off from their intended target, Monteith seized the initiative and got to work. He led his men across the open beach to the next covered position through machine gun, mortar and artillery fire.  From there they were pinned down by the German strongpoint WN-60, a heavily fortified bunker system with artillery pieces, mortars, machine guns and even a tank turret.  Recognizing it had to go, Monteith ran back through the open to link up with the few tanks that had come ashore. He escorted the tanks through a minefield until they were within range of the strongpoint.  He coordinated their fire with his maneuvering infantry until two machine guns were knocked out.  This allowed his men to move around the side and eventually overtake the position by 0900 that morning.   Advancing inland, Monteith and his men were hit by a German counterattack. He began organizing their defense and consolidating the position when he was struck and killed by enemy fire.  At the age of 26, 1LT Jimmie Monteith would give his life on Omaha Beach.  He would be awarded posthumously the Medal of Honor, one of only four that day.
26 min
The Engineered Network
38: Thunder River Rapids
A popular family-friendly ride at DreamWorld would claim the lives of four people in 2016. In nearly thirty years of operation the ride had several similar but non-fatal incidents with blame placed on the operator every time, when a three thousand dollar modification could have prevented a horrific incident. With John Chidgey. Investigation Report: * DreamWorld (PDF) Links of Potential Interest: * River Rapids Ride * Thunder River Rapids Ride * Dreamworld operator Ardent Leisure Fined $3.6M for Thunder River Rapids Ride Deaths * Class Action Over Dreamworld Deaths * Shutdown Impacts Dreamworld’s Plans For New Rollercoaster * Dreamworld Chief Resigns After Damning Evidence At Inquest * Dreamworld Pays $1.8M In Termination Payouts * Dreamworld’s Missing Accountability * Dreamworld Accident Spurs Queensland Safety Crackdown Support Causality on Patreon Episode sponsor: *Many Tricks:* If you’re looking for some Mac software that can do Many Tricks remember to specifically visit the URL below for more information about their amazingly useful apps. Don’t forget the return of Usher with the Usher 2 Pre-Sale! Visit and use the Coupon Code *(listen to the episode to get the code)* for 25% off the total price of your order. Hurry it's only for a limited time! Episode Silver Producers: Mitch Biegler, John Whitlow, Kevin Koch, Oliver Steele, Lesley Law Chan, Hafthor and Shane O'Neill. Episode Gold Producer: 'r'.
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Reef News Network
Reef News Network
Reef News Network
RNN148 - Admin Takeover: Macro Mania(2021)
A movie recommendation, magnetic mechanism and a chat with the king of macro algae, Dennis...AKA, @Tigaboy.h2o! This week is another admin takeover. Remy (@bahamallamacoral) and Tyler (@inland_reef) talk about their background in the hobby and chat about the latest trend, macro algae display tanks. RNN Listener Coupon Codes: Marine Depot 10% off your order REEFNEWS Reef Kinetics - $50 off ReefBot RKLOVESRNN Show Watch 2020 Greater Niagara - Canceled MACNA Phoenix - Canceled RAP California - Canceled RAP Orlando - Canceled AquaShella Dallas - Canceled Aquashella Chicago - Canceled RAP New York - Canceled Powered By: Fritz Aquatics: ReefBreeders: Sicce: Media Partners: Bahama Llama Coral: Reef2Reef: News: Remy's Movie Recommendation: My Octopus Teacher on Netflix - Tip of the Week: Tyler shared a tip to organize all your metal fragging tools and tweezers. Harbor Freight Magnetic Tool Holder: l Main Topic: This week we discussed how to start a macroalgae display tank from top to bottom. From equipment to fertilizer and also where to purchase some colorful plants! Find Tigaboy.h2o on Instagram here: Find Inland_Reef on Instagram here: Outro: Please like our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as subscribe to the Podcast Reef News Network: Reef News Road Trip: . Instagram: ReefNewsNetwork Hashtags to follow #ReefNewsNetwork , #RNN , #RNNnation Listener Calls: Go to: click the tab on the right side of the page to leave us a voicemail. Reviews/Ratings: Reviews and Ratings help us reach new heights and continue to produce quality content, let us know how we are doing.
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Amazing War Stories
Amazing War Stories
Bruce Crompton
The Commandos that Grinched Christmas
Former Special Forces Operative (and star of Channel 4's SAS Who Dares Wins) Jason Fox joins Bruce along with Royal Marines Colonel Nik Cavill to tell the story of this remarkable Commando Raid that started on Boxing Day 1941 Summary On the 27th December, 1941, in a small island town in the north Norwegian fjords, a German soldier crunched through the snow back to his barracks. All was calm apart from the sounds of Christmas songs still emanating from some of the bars and houses.   Suddenly, in the distance, the thump of explosions and the bright lights of fireworks clearly showed people were still enjoying the yuletide celebrations. However, on the edge of the town, a massive assault was actually underway.  The fireworks were flares and the explosions were the sound of HMS Kenya’s huge guns firing from the middle of the fjord.  Within a few moments hundreds of British Commandos would be assaulting the peaceful hamlet... Contributors- * Dr Chris Mann, Deputy Director of War Studies Department, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and author of 'British Policy & Strategy towards Norway, 1941-45'. To purchase please visit Website for Royal Military Academy Sandhurst: * Jason Fox; Explorer, former Special Forces Operative, TV personality and author of Life Under Fire: Instagram jason_carl_fox/ Twitter jason_carl_fox * Colonel Nik Cavill Royal Marines Commando: Website Facebook royalmarines/ We have also joined forces with the fantastic Royal Marines Charity to help raise awareness of their Lift the Lid campaign to raise awareness for of support available to veterans, serving personnel and their families of the armed forces suffering from mental health issues. Please visit their website for further information of help available 24/7 Further information and support for veterans is also available at Follow them on social media at Facebook: The Royal Marines Charity Twitter: @theRMcharity Instagram: @thermcharity This episode has also partnered with the dedicated fundraising team for the Royal Marines Museum to raise money to have the new museum open to visitors by 2022. To donate, please visit JustGiving page: Royal Marines Museum Donate Follow them on social media at Facebook: @RoyalMArinesMuseum Twitter: @RoyalMarinesMus Track played at the end of the show kindly provided by- Military Wives Choirs – Brave Written for the Military Wives Choirs by Sean Hargreaves, John Haywood and Laura Wright Featuring Laura Wright and the Royal Marines Corps of Drums To support the Military Wives Choirs charity, please visit Did you know we now had a merchandise store? Visit Amazing-War-Stories-Store For more about this episode and all of the incredible stories we have in store this series, follow us on your favourite social media platform on- Instagram @amazingwarstories Twitter @amazewarstories Episode Credits- Written & Researched by Charlie Phillips Director & Executive Producer Ed Sayer Associate Producer Lois Crompton Editor Tony Simmons Sound design & 3D mastering by Vaudeville Sound Group See for privacy and opt-out information.
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